Opposites, Set TwoOpposites, Set Two language cards is a great tool to promote the understanding of opposites. Many children will enjoy working with the attractive photographs. The Opposites, Set Two encourages comprehension of opposites, increase vocabulary, and to develop language in contextual situations.

Opposites, Set Two most popular examples:

  • Happy and Sad
  • Clean & Dirty
  • In and Out
  • On and Off
  • Big and Small
  • Pull and Push
  • Back and Front
  • Long and Short
  • Under and Over
  • Old and Young

Opposites, Set Two Includes:

  • 20 pairs of cards illustrating opposites
  • Includes 40 5.5″ x 5″ cards
  • Multi-language teacher’s notes containing activity ideas
  • Printed on durable, coated board for years of use

Activities with the Opposites, Set Two can be played in many ways such as:

  1. The game of Concentration is an old time favorite card game. Begin by spreading all of the cards faced down. Next, each child takes a turn flipping any two cards  over to try and find the pair. If you guess correctly, he/she should describe why the two cards are opposites. That user gets to keep the pair. If you guessed incorrectly, place the cards faced down and the next child takes a turn. The child with the most pairs is the winner.
  2. Select a pair of opposite concepts, also known as antonyms. Encourage the child to collect pictures of other objects that have the same attributes. Continue choosing pairs of antonyms until there are no more cards to choose.
  3.  Children can make their own drawings or cut out illustrations to create their own ideas of opposites.

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