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Swim Brief Giveaway

Swim Brief is perfect for children and adults dealing with incontinence issues. This swim brief is designed to be worn next to the skin and under a swim suit. It is intended for both bowel containment, as well as a small amount of urinary leakage. Our Swim Brief has been tested to hold several cups… CONTINUE READING

MightyTykes Infant and Child Weights Giveaway

MightyTykes Infant and Child Weights¬†were created by a special needs mother with the help of therapists to promote the user’s physical strength and stability for optimal development.¬†MightyTykes Infant and Child Weights can help ones progress towards milestones and may help with challenges they may face. They’re also the featured product for our eSpecial Needs Weekly… CONTINUE READING

Baby Jack Blankets Giveaway Ends August 10

Baby Jack Blankets can be great for that special someone who thrives on textures. Your child can get a great sensory start as they feel, touch and chew on these textures and tagged blankets. Baby Jack Blankets provide lots of entertainment and comfort to your loved ones. They can run their hands across two textured… CONTINUE READING