What Do They Really Mean?What Do They Really Mean? is an interactive reading book that is fun for all. This book explains Idioms and makes them easier to understand for kids with special needs. Idioms are plentiful in the English language and are used as funny, colorful ways to convey meanings. Idioms can also be confusing if taken literally and make no sense. What Do They Really Mean? will help you to uncover the real meanings behind a few commonly used idioms. For example, if someone says “You crack me up!” what they really mean is “they think you are funny.”

What Do They Really Mean? How to Use

Pre-reading Skills

  •  Level 1 – Match the pictures together
  • Level 2 – Picture Identification. Ask the user to give you or point to a named picture
  • Level 3 – Explaining Idioms. Put idioms and matching literal pictures together in pairs. Read the sentence that coincides with that idiom out loud. Explain the meaning of each idiom.
  • Level 4 – Picture Pairs. Pick out an idiom picture and ask the student to find the picture of the appropriate meaning.

Reading Program

  • Level 5 – Read a sentence aloud while pointing to the words and wheres where the picture should go. Choose the correct picture cards and place them in the square. Assist if needed. Reread the sentence together.
  • Level 6 – For users who have learned to identify the pictures. Ask the user to locate, remove and place the picture on the correct square. Have them repeat the sentence. If a student doesn’t have speech, reread the sentence to reinforce their receptive language.
  • Level 7 – For users that can consistently read each sentence. Take the sentence pages off the binder rings and rearrange their order. Instruct them to reread the sentence. This will determine if he is reading the words or has memorized their order. Provide more practice as needed.

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