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Student Break Bag

    Student Break Bag

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    Student Break Bag

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    Help sensory seeking students channel extra energy and renew their focus in a classroom environment. The all-in-one Bokawoka Student Break Bag has all the sensory motor tools for self-regulation when a break is needed.

  • Great for providing children's sensory breaks without leaving the classroom
  • Enables students to self-regulate with minimum supervision
  • Perfect for those with ADHD, autism, and sensory integration disorder
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    Addressing the sensory needs of students in the classroom can be a tough job for teachers, especially at the beginning. That's why our Student Break Bag is such a great kit to have on hand. Featuring eight different sensory tools to address tactile and oral motor cravings, fidgeting, and time management, it's a great way to experiment and find what works and what doesn't for your little learner, allowing teachers to build an effective sensory routine that benefits everyone in the classroom. Plus, its draw string bag makes it portable enough to take along on field trips and other school outings.

    Whether used by one individual student or to fulfill multiple students' sensory needs, the Student Break Bag is a must have for classrooms with sensory-seekers.

    The Bokawoka Student Break Bag contains:

    • a 2oz tin of yellow Putty to squeeze, twist, and pull
    • a metallic turquoise Chew-A-Roo Twist Chewie Pendant for chewing
    • a Pencil Finger Fidgets 4-Pack for fidget fun
    • a black 3-inch Time Timer for reinforcing time management
    • a Therapy Brush for calming tactile touch
    • a blue Desk Buddy for tactile stimulation of fidget tool
    • a set of Bouncy Bands for promotion of productivity
    • a Draw String Bag for toting around needed items for a sensory break
    SKU# StudentBreakBag


    Student Break Bag Specifications

    1 - Putty - Yellow - 2oz

    1 - Chew-A-Roo Twist Chewie Pendant - Metallic Turquoise (F16117)

    1 - Pencil Finger Fidgets - Pack of 4 (E03896)

    1 - Time Timer - 3 inch - Black (E00868)

    1 - Therapy Brush (Single) (E00488)

    1 - Desk Buddy - Blue (E16269)

    1 - Bouncy Bands ( Several Options to Choose From)

    1 - Draw String Bag (E08105)


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