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P-Pod Postural Support System

    P-Pod Postural Support System

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    P-Pod Postural Support System

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    SKU# ColMedPPod
    The P-Pod looks like a bean bag chair, but it's so much more! This award winning P-Pod Postural Support System is the perfect alternative seating solution for home, clinical, or school environments.
  • Comfortable postural seating
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Trays and accessories available
  • Choose the size of your P Pod.

    Helps reduce seat width for increased support.

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    The P-Pod Postural Support System looks like a bean bag chair, but it's so much more! The award-winning P-Pod from Inspired By Drive is a molded positioning pod incorporated into a bean bag base to help children maintain proper postural alignment while seated.

    The P-Pod Postural Support System offers a whole different seating experience for those with specialized seating needs and is great for a range of ages from infants to young adults. It's the perfect alternative seating solution for home, clinical, or school environments!

    There are three components to the P-Pod – the seat, a bolster support and the beanbag or Pod. The “P” in P-Pod stands for postural, and postural support technology is an integral part of this design.

    P-Pod Features:

    • Lightweight for easy handling
    • Stylish & comfortable for everyday use
    • Quilted stretch velour covers in a range of colors
    • Covers easily removed for cleaning
    • Bean bag allows change of position yet maintains support
    • Range of accessories available

    To find the P Pod size that's best for your child, please check the sizing chart under the Specifications tab or complete our Seating Measurement form for our recommendation.

    PLEASE NOTE: Children who experience severe involuntary movement or behavioral concerns may not be suitable for the P Pod due to excessive body movement posing a risk of severe chair imbalance during use. Please consult with a therapist or health care professional for a risk assessment before purchasing.

    SKU# ColMedPPod


    P-Pod Postural Support System Specifications

    P-Pod Sizing: Find the Maximum Height/Length for each size listed below.


    PRODUCT SIZE  SMALL          MEDIUM         LARGE         EXTRA LARGE 
     Hip Width  10.25"          12.25"  14.25"  16.5"
     Trunk Width  10"  10.5"  12.5"  13.5"
     Seat Depth  11.5"  13"  13.75"  17"
     Axilla Height  11.5"  12.5"  15"  16.5"
     Shoulder Height        16.5"  17.25"  20"  21.75"
     Head Height  22"  24.5"  26"  28.75


    Accessory Specifications:


    Accessory Size   MEDIUM LARGE
    Freestanding Tray            Tray Width                    25" 29.25"
      Tray Depth 23.5" 27.25"
      Overall Height 12.25" - 32"            30" - 39.5"
    Lap Tray Tray Width 20.5" N/A
      Tray Depth 15.25" N/A
    Activity Frame Overall Width 30.25" N/A
      Overall Length 15.75" - 34.75"  N/A
      Overall Height 46" - 59" N/A
    Mobility Base Overall Width 26.75" 26.75"
      Overall Length 44" 48.25"
      Overall Height 42" 42"
      Weight Capactiy  165 lb. 220 lb.

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