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Convaid Trekker Transit Stroller

    Convaid Trekker Transit Stroller

    Convaid Trekker Transit Stroller

    SKU# ConvaidTrekkerTransit
    The Convaid Trekker Transit Stroller is the perfect lightweight, all-day wheelchair, meeting the needs of both families and therapists.

  • Variable Positioning
  • Reversible Seating
  • Easy fold-up

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    Getting where you need to go has never been easier for families with special needs children than with the Convaid Trekker—an all-day wheelchair from Convaid, Llc., the leading manufacturer of lightweight, compact-folding, adaptive-assisted wheelchairs. The Convaid Trekker meets needs of both families and therapists, and offers the flexibility of 180 degree reversible seating that lets occupants face forward or face their caregivers with a simple adjustment. It’s an all-day chair that opens up a world of possibility for longer and more varied treks than ever before.

    The Trekker Transit option includes four manufacturer installed red wheelchair transportation anchors. The Trekker Transit model has been crash tested and conforms to RESNA WC19 standards. Anthropomorphic Test Device weights are TR12T 75lbs/34kg and TR14T 110lbs/50kg. The Convaid Trekker Mobility Base was tested with the Trekker Seating Module equipped with a head support and wheelchair anchored pelvic lap belt. Do not use the foot positioners on the Convaid Trekker during transit in a motor vehicle. The performance and safety of accessories and/or other seating options not tested by Convaid is unknown, and no warranty or claim about their performance is or can being made. Furthermore, when being transported in a vehicle it is Convaid’s position that the wheelchair user transfer from the wheelchair into appropriate vehicle seating during transportation. Please note that at this time, the Department of Transportation has not officially approved any tie-down system for a user while in a wheelchair, therefore Convaid cannot recommend a transit system.

    SKU# ConvaidTrekkerTransit


    Convaid Trekker Transit Stroller Specifications

    • Variable positioning of tilt and recline
    • Accepts after-market seating options
    • 180 degree reversible seating
    • Lightweight, high strength aluminum for easy lifting, pushing and mobility
    • Easy fold-up for fast transportation
    • For early intervention through early teenage years
    • Can be used as an all-day chair

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