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Rifton Activity Chair - Hi-Lo Base Medium

    Rifton Activity Chair - Hi-Lo Base Medium

    Rifton Activity Chair - Hi-Lo Base Medium

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    SKU# RiftonActivityHiLoMedium

    The ultimate classroom chair, the Rifton Activity Chair with Hi-Lo Base provides versatile, adaptable and active seating for every classroom activity.

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    The ultimate chair for the classroom, the Rifton Activity Chair provides versatile, adaptable and active seating for every classroom activity.

    The Rifton Activity Chair accommodates all children 40” – 56” tall with special needs, with its wide variety of chair features and accessory options. It is a positioning chair intended for classroom and home use enabling children to learn functional sitting skills while actively participating in activities, tasks, and routines.

    A functional sitting position (rather than restrictive seated positioning to retain symmetry and limit tone) means that a child can actively use and develop his or her own core muscles and improve their own postural motor skill, allowing the caregiver to further reduce accessory support over time.
    • Therapist-guided design of every feature
    • Tool free adjustments, while child is in chair
    • Wide range of optional accessories create a classroom chair ideal for all special needs - from the autistic student to the more involved child
    • Active seating makes interactions immediate and real
    • Standard base for straightforward classroom use

    Rifton Activity Chair Includes:

    • Seat and Back
    • Hi Lo Base
    • Arm Supports
    • Footboard
    • Pads
    • Seat Belt
    • Push Handle
    • 1 year warranty
    SKU# RiftonActivityHiLoMedium


    Rifton Activity Chair- Hi-Lo Base Medium Specifications:

    Size Small Medium Large
    User height 28" - 48" 40" - 56" 50" - 74"
      Key User Dimension: User Height. The user’s overall height is a general guide to help you select the appropriate chair. Choose the model that allows for growth.

    Important: Make sure that seat width, depth and height are adequate for each individual user, and that the user’s weight does not exceed the maximum weight recommended.
    Frame width 25" 27.5" 29.75"
    Seat height above floor 10"-25" 12"-23" 16"-24"
    Seat angle for tilt-in-space 15° forward, 15° back 15° forward, 15° back 15° forward, 25° back
    Backrest angle 5° forward, 20° back 5° forward, 20° back 5° forward, 20° back
    Seat height above footboard 9"-12" 12" - 16.5" 15"-20.5"
    Seat width with hip guides 7"-9" 8.5"-11.5" 11"-14"
    Seat width without hip guides 12" 14" 17"
    Seat depth 8"-12" 11"-16" 15"-20"
    Armrest height above seat 5"-7.5" 7"-10.5" 7"-10.5"
    Trunk support width 5.5"-11.5" 6.5"-12" 9.5"-14"
    Backrest height 12.5"-15.5" 15.5"-19" 19"-24"
    Headrest height above seat 14.5"-21" 17.5"-24.5" 19.5"-29.5"
    Weight capacity 75 lbs. 150 lbs. 225 lbs.

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