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Tranquility & Select Underpads

    Tranquility & Select Underpads

    Tranquility & Select Underpads

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    Underpads protect bedding, furniture and wheelchairs from leakage. They are available in five absorbencies.



    The Tranquility® Peach Underpad has a superabsorbent lining and features four adhesive tape tabs to secure positioning to wheelchairs, bedding and furniture. The patented "Peach Mat" guarantees skin dryness and odor control.


    • Rapid absorption and wicking
    • No side leakage
    • Four adhesive tape tabs holds pad firmly in place
    • Superabsorbent capacity of 43.7 oz.
    • Large Size: 21 1/2" by 32 1/2"

    The Select® Underpads are latex-free with a diamond embossed quilt pattern. The extra-large size provides all-night protection to reduce linen changes. Features a highly-absorbent embossed core with superabsorbent polymers to lock away wetness.


      • Protects bedding, furniture and wheelchairs from leakage
      • Now available in four great sizes
      • Top selling multi-purpose underpad
      • Superabsorbent (All-Night) capacity


    For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.

    SKU# TranquilitySelectUnderpads


    Tranquility & Select Underpads Specifications:

    Style Size Absorbency Rate
    Tranquility Peach Underpads 21.5" x 32.5" 34.0 oz.
    Select Underpads - Large (Blue) 23" x 36" 8.1 oz.
    Heavy-Duty Underpad
    30" x 36" 34.0 oz.

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    For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.

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    I bought these after trying out the Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats, and had bad results with the Goodnites. I have worn every brand of store diapers on the market (Pampers, Luvs, Huggies, & NorthShore Supreme Diapers)-In which were specially ordered from I am proud that I am wearing the Tranquility ATN Diapers. which I purchased from Especial As you may all diapers tends to leaks sitting and even laying down. Someone suggested for me to get some disposable bedpads, because my diaper would leak at times. Well, I was a bit nervous to use the Tranquility ones, since I had so much trouble with the Goodnites brand, but I am very happy I made this purchase. I liked how the Tranquility bedpads had 4 adhesive stickers that stayed stuck and also didn't leave an adhesive residue on my bed when I removed the bedpad from my sheets. The adhesive also stuck to flannel sheets easily. Another thing I liked is that the bedpads didn't leak at all. They literally absorbed so much that they were heavy when I changed them after my diapers leaked the other day, yet, they didn't leak. I recommend them for anyone who has Urinary problem. Review by / (Posted on 4/1/2015)