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Wish Fountain - Grant Dakin's Wish

    Wish Fountain - Grant Dakin's Wish

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    Wish Fountain - Grant Dakin's Wish

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    My name is Dakin W. I am 3 years old. Please view my wish in the Description tab. You may also click on the Specs tab to view Wish Fountain Donation rules.

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    Kaye Posture System
    The KAYE Posture System can be added to the Adjustable Benches and T-Seats to provide additional stability in sitting. The Postural Control System consists of a pelvic support component and a femoral stabilizer with an abductor. These add firm control for the pelvis and femurs when positioned on the Tilt Bench. These components can be combined so that only the support that is necessary for the individual child is used. Kaye Posture System

    Kaye T-Seat
    The KAYE T-Seats are adjustable in height and can be tilted to place more weight on the feet and provide a more vertical pelvis. The KAYE T-Seats are specifically designed to fit with the KAYE T-Tables. The dimensions allow them to fit entirely under the T-Tables. These smaller seats are convenient for homes and schools while providing the same options for adjustable seating. Kaye T-Seat

    Occupational and physical therapists emphasize the importance of an adjustable-height work surface to develop proficiency in visual attention, reach, grasp and pretension. The KAYE T-Table, with its tilting work surface, permits a child to be positioned at the optimal distance from the work. This helps stabilize the eyes, head, and trunk, and insures freer movements of the scapula, arm, wrist, all of which contribute to precise hand use when manipulating objects. T-Table

    DONATIONS TOTAL: $751.85

    SKU# dakinw


    Wish Fountain Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a Wish Fountain page work?
    A Wish Fountain page allows our customers to create a shareable donation page for items that could help elevate the quality of life for their loved one. Customers can choose up any number of products and accessories for their wish list as well as post basic information about their loved one’s status. This page is then posted publicly so that family, friends and good Samaritans alike may donate funds towards the purchase of the items on the wish list.

    All donations to a Wish Fountain page work like our eSpecial Needs eGift Cards. That customer receives the full value of the donation toward their Wish Fountain goal. We deduct no fees for this service, but does require all fund raised be redeemed at eSpecial Needs.

    What determines a Wish Fountain page’s goal?

    The goal for your Wish Fountain page is determined by the price of the products and accessories you choose at the time you choose them. This price is guaranteed for one year (12 months). Once the guarantee period is over, the actual order total is subject to change based on any manufacturer price changes, size changes or accessory changes are made.

    If it turns out a price increase happens after the guarantee period, customers have two options:

    1. They may increase the goal amount listed on their page
    2. They may contribute the difference for later use with eSpecial Needs

    What happens when the goal is reached?

    Congratulations! If the goal has been met, eSpecial Needs will contact you to verify and ensure your order’s accuracy as well as get your approval prior to processing. Once that’s completed, it’s only a matter of time before your wish list is delivered!

    What happens if I raise more money than the goal?

    If a Wish Fountain page raises more than its original goal, the excess amount will be awarded in the form of an eSpecial Needs eGift Card which can then be used to purchase any other additional products the family may need. No refunds will be given to donators if an excess occurs.

    Can donations be refunded?

    Donations cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

    Can I change the items on my Wish Fountain page?

    Yes, you may change the products on your page at any time before purchase.

    In a case where I’ve raised enough to get something on my wish list but not everything, can I choose to purchase an item with my collected funds before I hit my goal?

    Of course! If you have raised enough funds for a specific item on your wish list, you may contact us and let us know that you’d like to purchase that item. Once purchased, the item will be removed from your list and your Wish Fountain goal will be altered to reflect the changes.


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