Weekly & Monthly Giveaway

Weekly Giveaway - Ends September 17, 2017

Weekly Giveaway

For the weekly giveaway, eSpecial Needs is giving awayWhat Do You Like Learning Cards. These flash cards help young learners improve their listening, conversation and social skills. These bright, easy-to handle, photographic cards teach expressive language reasoning, and connecting to personal experience. These learning cards are intended to engage and educate young and special learners. Teachers are also learning how to build a strong and developmentally appropriate curriculum for these children. Check out the product details here. Enter to win today!


Monthly Giveaway - Ends September 30, 2017

Monthly Giveaway

For the monthly giveaway, eSpecial Needs is giving away a Square Carpeted Platform Swing. This swing is useful and helps in the development of a child’s sensory and vestibular system! Different forms of movement and repetitive swinging is important. The platform swing enables parents and therapists to work with children on vestibular orientation, linear acceleration, balance reactions and motor planning. Our portable platform swing is comfortable, flexible, and portable for any situation. The platform swing is perfect for challenging balance, instant vestibular stimulation and postural adjustments. The carpeted surface provides extra comfort and tactile input for children who crave textures. This platform swing is very popular in therapy clinics and schools. This swing will provide hours of fun and learning. Check out the product details here. Enter to win today!

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Weekly & Monthly Giveaway

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