Weekly & Monthly Giveaway

Weekly Giveaway - Ends July 16, 2017

Weekly Giveaway

For the weekly giveaway, eSpecial Needs is giving away the What Comes Next? Learning Cards. They are designed to help teachers and parents improve listening, conversation and social skills. These bright, easy-to handle, photographic cards teach sequencing, storytelling, and logical thinking while reinforcing invaluable communication skills. It comes with 52 colorful photographs that engage and hold a child’s attention and 2 teacher resource cards. Check out the product details here. Enter to win today!


Monthly Giveaway

Monthly Giveaway - Ends July 31, 2017

For the monthly giveaway, eSpecial Needs is giving away a Manual Dexterity Combo Zipper/Button Vest. It is a beautifully crafted vest that teaches basic dressing skills. This vest encourages beginners to practice dressing skills with these heavy duty cotton/polyester blend material. Suitable for users 3 years of age and older. As children grow, so does their independence. This Manual Dexterity Combo Zipper/Button Vest helps teach the essential fine motor skills needed to dress themselves every day. This vest in particular helps improve self-esteem as they master the buttons or zipper. Elastic panels enable a one size fits all, so you don’t have to worry about sizing. Check out the product details here. Enter to win today!

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Weekly & Monthly Giveaway

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