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    The strength, stretch and rebound qualities of the ElastaBlast create a very motivating movement experience for all young children. ElastaBlast engages children in active learning through a cooperative activity and increases focus and attention for learning through movement



    Once you get a hold of the ElastaBlast, you'll never let go.  It's soft, irresistable and contains a large tube that pulls and presses into the joints. Made of a sturdy 2.5" diameter, latex tube covered with a soft, velvet-like fabric, creating a stretchy resistance that encourages large-motor orientation, coordination, cooperation and strengthening.  An individual's movement will affect the dynamics of the other individual. Can be used one-on-one or in groups. Contains latex.
    The stretch, strength, and rebound of the ElastaBlast creates an exciting new movement experience that can either contain and hold a rowdy group or encourage risk taking from even the most timid. Like a bungee cord covered in soft fleece, its dynamic rebound challenges individual gravity and balance. Group movement can support individual experimentation with trust, caution, risk taking and release.
    ElastaBlast can bring fun and creativity to your fitness, cardio, or dance  class. It provides a resistance that maximizes simultaneous stretching and strengthening of muscle groups all while working together as a unit.  Children love the rebound that requires them to assert their body weight and throw caution to the wind.  (Within proper limits) 
    Elastablast Benefits:
    • Engages children in active learning through a cooperative activity
    • Increases focus and attention for learning through movement
    • Works on all developmental areas: social/emotional, motor, language, and cognitive/readiness skills
    • Enhances overall body control and strengthening with resistive bungie cord
    • Promotes beginning social skills and turn-taking
    • Motivates children of all ages and abilities
    • Provides good sensory input into muscles and joints
    • Encourage modulation of the nervous system with concepts such as slow and fast
    • Plus, it offers families opportunities for fun interaction
    How to Use The Elastablast:
    • The strength, stretch and rebound qualities of the ElastaBlast create a very motivating movement experience for all young children.
    • The Elastablast activities done in a sitting position offer an excellent way to work on posture and core strengthening.
    • Visual supports help children comprehend language and give important structure and meaning to the activity.
    • Marching with the ElastaBlast works on bilateral coordination and balance as children shift their weight from one foot to another
    • Social interactions between children of all abilities are facilitated through the cooperative opportunities possible with the ElastaBlast.
    • Children learn readiness skills, (e. g. colors) more quickly when the skill is combined with music and movement.
    SKU# 04-21DMBS013


    Elastblast Specifications:
    Nunmber of Users Length

     1-2 people

     8' diameter (2.4M)


    10-12 people

    16' diameter (4.9M)


    Additional Information

    What activities can you do with the ElastaBlast?
    ElastaBlast’s strength and stretch ability create an exciting new movement experience. Whether you work with individual clients in fitness, physical therapy, movement therapy, or education, you can use the ElastaBlast to build muscular strength, trust, develop relationship, work out tensions, or even teach music and math concepts thru the body. These activities will start you  out understanding the possibilities of ElastaBlast so you will find your own ways to adapt it to yours and your client’s needs.
    While ElastaBlast is made of heavy-duty surgical elastic, it shouldn’t be misused or abused. Do not use it to play tug-of-war, as a swing or as a grownup baby bouncer. Like anything with tensile properties, it can have a recoil effect, so be careful that participants do not slingshot out of control. You can involve up to twenty-five people (X-large), twelve people (large), four people (small), or two people (xsmall), but be discrete as to how individual weight might affect that number. Make sure fabric is equally distributed around internal elastic before each use.
    Arms, back, chest, shoulders:
    Sitting or standing, participants hold ElastaBlast above heads moving straight arms forward and backwards, side to side, and circling over the head with as much range of motion as possible. Hold ElastaBlast with two hands, arms outstretched to the front. Stretch arms to either side without moving torso.
    1. Holding ElastaBlast in right hand everyone step back to expand the circle, producing as much tension as possible. Don’t let go! With feet parallel to the circle, lean sideways away from the center while stretching left arm over head towards the
      center. Change sides.
    2. While sitting on the floor, hold ElastaBlast with right hand. Move back to produce the right amount of tension. Slowly lean forward, twisting torso towards arm holding band. Change sides.
    3. Participants stand or sit facing center, with ElastaBlast held in both hands. Each participant pulls away from the center with bent knees, producing an undercurve of back and pelvis. Instruct use of oppositional pull to change body position and find different places in the back to stretch.
    Participants sit holding ElastaBlast in front of them, with legs either straight or slightly bent. Lean forward from hips and perform a rowing action with the arms. The body returns to the vertical as arms circle up towards the ceiling.
    All lie on back with head towards center. Hold band with two hands, raise one leg, placing band under arch of foot. Use ElastaBlast to stretch your hamstrings by gently pulling your leg towards your head. While on back bring both legs open to a V shape on band, overlapping ankles with your neighbor if necessary. Allow weight of legs to hang into the support of the band while maintaining lower back on floor. Enjoy the stretch! Standing, and far enough apart to create adequate tension, participants hang forward while holding on to ElastaBlast. Encourage use of breathing and sensing body weight in order to increase stretch and relaxation.
    Sitting, hook ElastaBlast around instep of foot while holding on with right and left hands. Press with foot and pull with hands to lift leg away from floor. Lower slowly and repeat until leg tires. Use texture of ElastaBlast to massage feet.
    Participants sit facing ElastaBlast and holding it in two hands, execute a backwards buttock walk until band provides a moderate resistance. Lie down on three counts, lift ElastaBlast to the ceiling and resume sitting position, again in three counts. As a variation, instruct one half of the circle to pull back to the floor while the other half does its sit-up. Add a twist on the way down while holding with one hand, lie on back, heads toward center, place arches of feet on band, press legs toward floor while holding band.
    On back, heads towards center, knees bent, feet on floor, hold ElastaBlast with hands shoulder-width apart. Arc band up towards thighs and back to floor over head. Repeat with one arm. Repeat moving right arm diagonally towards left thigh.
    The Basic Amoeba
    Form a circle with 3-8 people inside the ElastaBlast, stretching it comfortably against your lower back. Arms rest lightly on the ElastaBlast while hands grasp it on either side. Take a few steps to the rear, then lean slightly backwards until a counter-tension results between weight and support.
    PinBall Blast
    This exercise promotes a physical experience of rebound, while encouraging interpersonal spontaneity. Four or eight participants stand inside ElastaBlast. Stretch ElastaBlast outward to a light tension. Participants count off and run sequentially across the circle without delay creating a pinball effect.
    Start inside ElastaBlast and move out to the Amoeba position. Participants take 3 rotating steps to right, then two to left. Complete one revolution around the ElastaBlast in this way. Try turning on your favorite music, adding eight counts of free form between each of your double rotating turns, and imagine dancing with your favorite partner!
    Break Dancing
    Group stands either outside or inside ElastaBlast holding with two hands. One or two “break dancers” hold two handed while on floor. Group creates momentum for “break dancers” to spin, propel, or whip around on back, belly, or sides. A nice, smooth wood floor is necessary.
    Shape Making
    Encourage groups of 4-8 children to work together to make familiar shapes to begin with. Introduce three- dimensional shape making by adding extensions into different planes. Have them make up their own shapes. Divide group into shape makers and observers. As shape makers complete their shape, observers can either draw shapes they see or choose one they would like to “move” as a group. Different options for moving their shapes are expansion/contraction, twisting, rotating, changing positions while maintaining original shape, etc.
    Who’s in Control?
    Alternately stand inside or outside of ElastaBlast , holding two-handed, facing toward center. Decide who the leaders are and who are the riders. Object is to either lead or follow while staying in balance.
    Tree Rooting
    All stand with feet spread wide inside ElastaBlast leaning slightly back. Without moving feet, participants attempt to uproot their counterparts by using hands and arms on the ElastaBlast and performing quick shifts that throw the other off balance.
    Mountain Climb
    Participants hold ElastaBlast™ over their heads. One Participant at a time hangs from the ElastaBlast. Encourage both hangers and supporters to verbalize imagery or feelings, e.g., surrender, dependency, hanging by one’s fingernails, etc.
    Participants take the Amoeba position. Count off in 3’s. The leader calls out “one, two, three, all ones change.” All number one participants must change their ElastaBlast™ positions with another number one. Last one to find a new place is out. Leader repeats commands changing the number each time until there are three participants left. The last one left goes in the center and gets one minute to direct others.
    Facing towards center, expand circle as large as it will go. On leader’s signal all children run towards center while making a sound. Gradually increase or decrease sound level. Agree on specific kind of sound. It could range from a hearty scream to a robust musical phrase.
    Give the oldies-but-goodies a new twist. ElastaBlast can greatly increase the fun of such tried and true activities as mirror games, Simon Says, The Hokey Pokey, Follow the Leader, Red Rover, etc.
    Dragon Tag
    Start with 1-3 bands with two children in each band. Set a large circle or square boundary. The children in the bands try to touch the children outside the bands. When a child is tagged he/she must join the circle inside the band. Play until all children are tagged and inside the band. Variation: Child tagged is replaced by tagger. Suggestion: Group says name of child to be tagged
    so group works together.
    Shape Making
    Make squares, rectangles, parallelograms, stars, octagons, hexagons, etc. Inside participants face outwards applying pressure outwards, while outside participants stand facing inwards, pressing towards inside.
    Balloon Toss
    Use several small bands with 5-6 people inside. Each team must keep a balloon in the air longer than the other teams while moving in relation to the band. Variation: Switch places while keeping balloons in the air. Two teams volley the balloons back and forth while maintaining pressured waist contact with the band.
    Cat and Mouse
    Mice run in and out while being chased by the cat. Cat(s) must always be in contact with the band. Children try to prevent cat from getting mice by lifting side up and down, ricocheting cat off path, or pulling circle away from mice.
    Numbered Ducks
    Count off in 4’s. All hold outside band with left hand, pull out to firm tension, and continue to circle around to left maintaining tension. As child’s number is called they turn and run two times clockwise around to their original position. Call can instruct runners to skip, hop, leap, slither, etc. as variations.
    Lead the group in floor patterns that begin to overlap each other by climbing under, over, or around each other until they reach a twisted spatial design. Now get untwisted without letting go of the band.
    You can work out or stretch with your partner or friend! All of the exercises listed above can be adapted for use with two people.
    Two-Way Balance (balance, grounding, trust, adaptation, strength)
    Two people hold the band pulling apart enough to where there is an equal counter tensional pull. Slowly twist the torso away from the other while pulling back on the band, feet spread wide. Variation: Once an equality is established you can begin to challenge each other by making quick, strong, weight changes without moving the feet in order to move the other off balance.
    Assisted Sit-Up (body center strength, proper mechanics, trust building)
    Therapist stands inside band with it around the waist. Client can either sit opposite holding the band or with the band around upper back)
    Leg Press (lower body strength, coordination, tonicity, flexibility)
    Two people lay down head to head, legs in air. Hook the band over the arches of the feet and press it away from each other to create an equalized tension. Alternate pressure, one presses down while the other holds still. Or both press down at the same time. Or just hang out opening the legs more into a straddle stretch.
    Arm Curl (upper body tonicity, arm strength)
    Individual stands on doubled band and holds opposite ends. Bend elbows and pull up band to create arm resistance.
    How do you clean the ElastaBlast?
    The ElastaBlast is machine washable, cold water, gentle cycle. Hang to dry.