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Rectangle Budget Ball Pit

    Rectangle Budget Ball Pit


    Rectangle Budget Ball Pit

    SKU# F06509
    Our Rectangle Budget Ball Pit meets the budget for a durable, rugged version of the larger recreational ball pits with a lower price. Now with free shipping! Ball pit orders with optional balls may take an additional week or two to ship.




    Our Rectangle Budget Ball Pit meets the budget for a durable, rugged version of the larger recreational ball pits with a lower price. The ball pit uses two of our 78" wide x 24" high x 6" thick mat panels and two 48" wide x 24" high x 6" thick mat panels, with  gymnastic-quality, closed-cell, cross-link polyethylene foam. Mat panels securely attach to each other using Velcro.

    The floor base Velcros to the bottom of all four sides of the walls keeping the ball pit balls within the pit. The floor allows you to slide the ball pit around the room with balls inside without the worry of any balls escaping from under the walls.

    This ball pit recommends 2,000 multi-colored balls to provide a good base for play and/or therapy. 3-1/8" diameter balls are purchased separately. Balls are not included.

    We also offer additional accessories for a diverse and safe play experience. Our foam-filled, self-contained Crash Pad stands up to the jumping, bouncing and balancing activities, is super-comfortable, and wipes clean for easy disinfection. In addition, our Padded Gym Floor Mat that provides a comfortable, cushioned floor inside the pit for play time with or without the balls. The Padded Gym Mat is 1 1/2" thick.

    Vinyl Care and Cleaning: Wash surfaces with a soft cloth and a mild liquid soap and water solution. Make sure to rinse off all soap with fresh clean water. For difficult stains, use a common household cleaner or alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol) and make sure to rinse thoroughly. For disinfecting, use up to 1/4 cup household bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) diluted in one gallon of water. Rinse thoroughly with a wet cloth to remove bleach concentration.

    **NOTE: Ball pits are not designed to with stand body weight on the sides of the ball pits. This includes sitting, jumping, laying, standing, etc. Damage caused by such activity may lead to the void of the warranty.

    Oversized Item This item is considered dimensionally oversized parcel or requires drop shipment directly from the factory via truck. This item does not qualify for free shipping. A customer service representative will contact you with a shipping quote prior to finalizing your order.

    SKU# F06509


    Rectangle Budget Ball Pit Specifications

    • Dimensions: 72" x 42" inside, 84" x 54" outside, 2 walls are 48"L x 24"H x 6"Thick and the other 2 walls are 78"L x 24"H x 6"Thick
    • Recommends 2,000 balls- Not Included
    • Ages: 18 months+

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