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BigKeys LX Assistive Keyboard

    BigKeys LX Assistive Keyboard

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    BigKeys LX Assistive Keyboard

    SKU# 06-07BKLX1
    Empower older adults who need large readable keys or kids just starting to get familiar with computers with this BigKeys LX Assistive Keyboard

  • Can be configured to QWERTY or ABC order
  • USB connection
  • PC and Mac compatible

  • Description


    The BigKeys LX Assistive Keyboard helps computer users young and old or all abilities. Featuring large, easy-to-read keys in your choice of black, white, yellow or multi-color, this keyboard can be configured from QWERTY format to an ABC format easily. BigKeys LX Assitive Keyboards are a great way for users who lack fine motor movements and require a larger key strike area to access computers compared to regular keyboards.

    For early learners, the ABC-layout lets kids familiarize themselves with how a standard keyboard operates while allowing them to interact with the software they want to use.

    For adults who require large keys in order to locate and operate a keyboard, the QWERTY key layout accommodates those want the familiar 101-character key set for advanced word processing, spreadsheet work, and internet access -- but who need large keys in order to locate and operate keys on a keyboard.. The white-on-black keys are preferred by some users with visual impairment

    The BigKeys LX Assistive Keyboard features:

    • 1-in/2.5-cm square keys on a standard size keyboard
    • Key order can be configured as a standard QWERTY layout or in ABC alphabetical order
    • Contains all punctuation and function keys
    • USB connection
    • PC and Mac compatible
    SKU# 06-07BKLX1


    BigKeys LX Specifications

    • Colors: white, yellow, black or multi-color keys
    • Can be configure to QWERTY or ABC order. Just pop off the keys and place then in your order of choice.
    • Compatible to Android, iOS, OS, and Windows
    • 5-year warranty

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