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GoTalk 32 Express

    GoTalk 32 Express

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    GoTalk 32 Express

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    Play multiple message in sequence and simulate typical on-the-go speech and conversation with the GoTalk 32 Express augmentative communicator.



    The GoTalk 32 Express is an augmentative communicator that allows users to play multiple messages in sequence for on-the-go speech and communication.

    There are two methods of operation: Standard and Express. The Standard method works like any GoTalk - touch a message key and it talks. With the Express method, users can link messages together to play in sequence and simulate typical conversation. Users can easily edit their recorded expressions, plus save one for the long term. Both Standard and Express operations are available in scanning mode.

    GoTalk 32 Express is a full-featured scanning device! Single switch access or step scan with two switches.

    GoTalk 32 Express Scanning Capabilities:

    • Visual Cueing—four bright LED pipes surround the message keys.
    • Auditory Cueing—choose between a 1.5 second recorded cue or beeps of varying tones.
    • Scan Pattern—step, linear, or group scanning available.
    • Switch Access—single or double switch access with a switch denounce feature.
    • Number of Messages—scan 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 messages with a scan levels feature.
    • Scanning Adjustments—scan by row or column, scan every other message, choose fast, medium, or slow scanning speed, make adjustments and see the effect immediately with the scan review feature, and record additional auditory cue for rows.
    SKU# GoTalk32Express


    GoTalk 32 Express Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 14.25"L x 10"H x 1.75"D.
    • Product weight: 2.25 lbs.
    • Recording time: 28 minutes long.
    • Requires 3-AA batteries.
    • Records 8 seconds per message
    • Plays up to 8 messages in sequence.
    • Has full scanning capabilities.
    • Visual cues surround messages (4 LEDS).
    • Five recording levels.
    • Level and record lock.
    • Headphone access.
    • Three AA batteries, two year warranty, printed User's Guide, AC Adapter and shoulder strap included.

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