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Magic Touch Computer Screen

    Magic Touch Computer Screen

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    Magic Touch Computer Screen

    Starting at $175.95 - $532.95
    SKU# MagicTouchComputerScreen

    Magic Touch is the most affordable touch screen on the market, plus it mounts easily on your monitor and is protected by a scratch-resistant coating. 

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    Magic Touch is the most affordable touch screen product on the market. Protected by a scratch-resistant coating for durability, Magic Touch is easily mounted on your monitor. It emulates mouse functions, such as pulling down menus, double clicking, dragging, and moving the cursor.

    Magic Touch works on both Macintosh and Windows computers. The Magic Touch is available for eight different size monitors and four different size laptop computers.

    Each Magic Touch comes with a soft-tip pen and a one-year limited warranty.

    SKU# MagicTouchComputerScreen


    Magic Touch Computer Screen Specifications: 

    • Color: no color choice
    • This Product has a 10-Day Return Policy per the Manufacturer

    Additional Information

    This Product has a 10-Day Return Policy per the Manufacturer

    How does Magic Touch Screens work?
    A transparent pressure-sensitive membrane overlay detects your touch for mouse cursor movement, clicking, double clicking and dragging. Your finger or a stylus  becomes the mouse control.
    What are the system hardware requirements?
    Any PC with Win95 or later and a USB port available or any Mac with a USB port available.

    What can be used to activate the screen?
    Magic Touch Screens can be activated by a finger, fingernail, gloved hand, stylus, soft-tip pointers, or other objects without a  sharp point.

    Do I need special software?
    No. Magic Touch Screens works for any mouse-driven program, and the mouse can still be used simultaneously.

    What happens if a sharp object accidentally scratches the touch screen?
    Not to worry. Unless the cut penetrates the first layer of the membrane, its functions will not be affected.

    How do you clean the screen?
    It  can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner, such as Windex. DO NOT spray the liquid directly on the screen.