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Chummie Pro Bed-Side Bedwetting Alarm

    Chummie Pro Bed-Side Bedwetting Alarm

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    Chummie Pro Bed-Side Bedwetting Alarm

    SKU# ChummieProBedSideBedwettingAlarm

    Provide comfort and confidence to a young struggling with bedwetting due to deep sleeping with the Chummie Pro Bed-Side Bedwetting Alarm.



    The award winning Chummie bed-side bedwetting alarms are one of the world’s most advanced and easiest to use bedwetting alarm treatment system. Pediatric urologists often recommend the Chummie bed-side bedwetting alarm. Children love the child-friendly look of the alarm and parents love the comfort and convenience the Chummie system offers.

    Chummie bed-side bedwetting alarms patented synchronized light-sound-vibration technology provides maximum efficacy and treatment effectiveness to stop bedwetting in deep sleepers. The microprocessor controlled alarm unit is smaller than a credit card, weighs 1 oz. and can be easily programmed by a 4-year old. To avoid the brain getting used to one sound, parents can chose from 8 tones and 2 volume levels for a total of 32 alert combinations! There is also a discreet (vibration mode) for sleepovers and trips.

    Chummie never sleeps, even when your child does – low battery indicator lights up when batteries need to be replaced. Slip Chummie bedwetting alarm into your comfy-armband™ for enhanced comfort. The bed-side bedwetting alarm unit provides two step turn-off to increases treatment success. The soft mat has a urine detection area larger than clip sensors found in other bedwetting alarms.

    Non-corrosive mat is less than a 1/10 of an inch thin for maximum comfort. One drop detection technology results in instant urine detection for less mess and rapid treatment. No clips that poke sensitive areas and cause discomfort that can interfere with sleep. Simply clean with a damp cloth and pat dry for immediate reuse.

    The Chummie Pro comes in two colors: Blue or Pink. It also requires 2 AAA batteries (included) to operate.

    For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.

    SKU# ChummieProBedSideBedwettingAlarm


    Chummie Pro Bed-Side Bedwetting Alarm Specifications:


    • Doctor recommended bed-side bedwetting alarm clinically proven to stop bedwetting in children and deep sleepers in weeks
    • Award winning, FDA registered, CE safety certified with 1 year warranty
    • Avoid auditory accommodation (child getting used to one alert tone) by choosing from 8 variable alert tones, 2 volume levels and vibration
    • Discreet (vibration only) mode for sleepovers, camps and special occasions
    • Child friendly compact and discreet alarm unit weighs 1 ounce
    • Patented software algorithms provides a combination of 32 synchronized light, sound and vibration alerts for maximum treatment efficacy with no side effects
    • Complete bed-side bedwetting treatment system comes with motivation reward system to track your child’s nightly progress and increase confidence needed to overcome bedwetting.
    • Contains: bed-side bedwetting alarm unit, Intelliflex mat, snap-on clip, progress chart, user manual, 2 AAA batteries, achievement certificate & registration card.

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    For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.