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TubBuddy SB2 Transfer System

    TubBuddy SB2 Transfer System


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    TubBuddy SB2 Transfer System

    SKU# F17296
    Create a more accessible bathing space for those with low mobility when you convert your bath tub with the TubBuddy SB2 Transfer System. Features a rolling base that allows you to roll around your home for easy transfer to and from the restroom.

  • Lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum frame
  • Includes lap and chest belts for security
  • Free Shipping within the U.S.

  • *Kits do NOT include the rolling base pictured* Showerbuddy Pediatric Converters P2 allows the chair to be sized to suit a smaller user yet retain the ability to grow with the user, saving on expensive chair upgrade costs over time.

    This setup gives the convenience of being able to have the same ShowerBuddy or TubBuddy from pediatric all the way to adult size with one simple conversion.

    Required for purchasing Bodypoint Belts and/or Laterals with Pads.

    Required for the Headrest Assembly Kit.

    Requires the Neckrest Assembly Kit

    The BodyPoint shower chair belt with our proprietary AeromeshTM fabric provides safety without compromising the comfort and health of the user. Water and air easily pass through the Aeromesh fabric, allowing the client to be bathed completely and the belt to dry quickly after use. Its universal shape enables the belt to be used in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the client. The flexible, padded belt can be used across the abdomen, knees or legs to prevent user from slipping down out of the shower chair. . Additionally, fitting a Bodypoint chest belt across the chest can keep user from leaning or falling



    The TubBuddy SB2 transfer system will turn your existing bath tub into an accessible bathroom that allows you to enjoy showering again without the excessive cost, delay and stress of a full bathroom remodel.

    The TubBuddy SB2 alleviates heavy lifting and multiple transfers for m and showering.  This chair is separated into three sections; rolling base (shower chair), bridge, and tub base.  The rolling base rolls around the house like a wheelchair allowing patient to easily transfer and then roll right over most toilets.  Once completed with toileting the rolling base connects to a bridge and then onto the tub base allowing the chair to slide over the tub.   Once over the tub the bridge disconnects allowing the curtain to close .


    • The TubBuddy SB2 system is made of aluminum which will not rust when in contact with water.
    • Height adjustability on rolling base and tub base- allowing for use in a variety of tubs.
    • Rolls over most toilets - allowing an alternative to commode usage. 
    • Removable, Lockable, Flip-back Armrests
    • Heigh Adjustable
    • Corrosion resistant Aluminum frame (Grade 6061 T6)
    • Stainless steel parts and hardware (Grade 304)
    • Lockable 5" Caster Wheels
    • Removable Commode System
    • Chest Belt
    • Lap Belt
    • Cushion
    • Bridge
    • Tub Base
    • Tub Base Footplate
    • Fold-up, rolling base footplate

    For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.

    SKU# F17296


    TubBuddy SB2 Specifications

    • Weight Limit: 350 lbs
    • Product Weight: 63 lbs
    • Rolling Base: 19.3" W x 26.7" D 
    • Rolling Base with Footrests: 19.3" x 30.7" D
    • Overall Outer Armrest Width: 22.5"
    • Inner Armrest Width: 18.7"
    • Inner Width Between Main Legs: 15.7"
    • Backrest Width: 18"
    • Backrest Height from Cushion: 17"
    • Toilet Height Clearance (Max) 19.4"
    • Standard Bridge Length: 11.8"
    • Seat Cushion: 17.7" W x 16.5" D 
    • Seat Cushion Height from Floor (Adjustable): 22.4" - 26.4"
    • Seat Cushion Opening: 6.8" W x 13" L
    • Tub Base (Top): 13.2" W x 18.3" L
    • Tub Base (Side Stabilizers): 16.7" - 28.3"

    Additional Information

    For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.


    2 Year Limited Warranty: Showerbuddy warrants our Showerbuddy Solutions and all Showerbuddy products for two years from the date of purchase by the consumer. The warranty will only become active once the consumer submits the warranty registration card to the company with a copy of the purchase receipt. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship on all Showerbuddy products.


    -Product or parts failure from normal wear and tear
    -Damage caused by failure to adhere to the User’s Manual
    -Damage from improper installation, use or repair
    -Brake line that operates the handbrake / tilt mechanism on tilting chairs (SB2T and SB3T)
    -Improper use of the hand ratchet that is used in adjusting the neck support / adjustment
    -Seat cushions and arm rests


    -The warranty is VOID if the original serial number tag is removed or altered.
    -The warranty is VOID if the unit sustains damage from unnatural causes.
    -The warranty is VOID if the unit is used to hold more than the weight limit of 300 pounds (140kg).
    -The warranty is VOID if the unit has been subjected to neglect, improper maintenance, storage, cleaning or operation as defined in the User’s Manual.
    -The warranty is VOID if the unit is modified without Showerbuddy’s written consent.
    -This warranty applies to the original purchaser only, from the date of the purchase, provided a registration card has been submitted to the company within 60 days of purchase.


    If your unit requires warranty service, please contact the dealer from which you purchased the Showerbuddy unit. If you do not receive satisfactory dealer service, contact Showerbuddy directly. Do not return the unit to Showerbuddy without first obtaining a Return Authorization Number from Customer Service. A defective unit must be shipped to Showerbuddy within 14 days of issuance of a Return Authorization Number by Customer Service.


    Showerbuddy’s sole responsibility is to repair or replace, at their discretion, the covered components of the unit. This is the exclusive remedy for consequential or incidental damages. Upon pre-approval, Showerbuddy may provide exchange services for Warranty returns. Under this program, a refurbished Showerbuddy unit may be shipped after the return of the defective unit. The exchange unit may contain used parts that meet Showerbuddy quality standards. This program is provided at the sole discretion of Showerbuddy. The original warranty term will not be extended due to such a unit exchange and a return unit will become the property of Showerbuddy.