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Drop Support Harness

    Drop Support Harness

    Drop Support Harness

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    Support loved ones while not impeding their independence with the Drop Support Harness. This upper body harness wraps around the waist, chest, and torso with an attached central support handle for caregivers to assist.

  • Provides perfect weight distribution
  • Adjustable for a snug fit
  • Aids in fall prevention

  • Description


    The Drop Support Harness is a unique, upper body harness that wraps around the user’s waist, shoulders, chest, and torso, with an attached central handle running the length of the torso. The support handle is a point of contact between the user of the harness and the person assisting the user (“assistant”).

    This is what makes Drop Support unique. The support handle, located on the back, sits vertical, and not horizontal, like a standard gait belt.

    The vertical handle provides the assistant with a better means of controlling and managing the user’s directional motion.

    The vertical Support Handle isn’t the only thing unique about Drop Support. The added support straps over the shoulder’s and chest area help the assistant in better managing and stopping forward falls. A gait belt falls short in this area. The benefit of the Support Handle is that it sits higher up the back, and is more accessible when the user is seated. No need to go digging all the way down the back to find a waist belt.

    Drop Support Harness benefits:

    • One-Time purchase for years of fall support
    • More control over falls to reduce injuries
    • Support Handle allows for a higher grab then a gait belt to reduce back strain
    • More control over forward facing falls due to the shoulder and chest straps
    • Assisting with Balance and Stability therapy for Gait Disorders
    • Assists Teacher with student safety care for children with disabilities (Epilepsy)
    • Beneficial for Public School-based PT/OT programs and services
    • Being able to manage the directional fall to avoid hitting objects that can cause injury
    • Aiding in fall prevention in dangerous parts of the home: Kitchen, Bathrooms, & Stairs, Parks o Assisting Parents & Grandparents around the home and standing up from a seated position
    • Limit Wheelchair Usage o Aiding in Wheelchair Transfer’s
    • Adjustable for a snug fit o No unwanted hanging straps
    • Walk Unrestricted but being supported at the same time
    SKU# DropSupport


    Drop Support Harness Specifications

    Drop Support Measuring Guide

      Size:   Chest: (Inches)   Waist: (Inches)  Height: Torso:
      Children's - One Size (3T - 8 yrs.)  21 - 26 1/2   21 1/2 - 24 1/2  3 ft. - 4 ft. 9 - 12
      Boys & Girls (Small - Large)  24 - 35   25 - 29  4 ft. - 5 ft. 13 - 16
      Boys & Girls (Large - XL)  24 - 35   29 - 36  4 ft. - 5 ft. 13 - 16
      Adult (Small - Large)  28 1/2 - 43   29 - 36  5 ft. - Up 17 - 18
      Adult (Large - XXL)  35 1/2 - 57 1/2   37 1/2 - 53  5 ft. - Up 17 - 18

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