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Trax Personal GPS Tracker

    Trax Personal GPS Tracker


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    Trax Personal GPS Tracker

    SKU# E16307
    Keep your children safe and gain peace of mind with the Trax Personal GPS Tracker. This handy tracking device is a great help for those who have a tendency to wander and/or elope. Perfect for parents of those with ASD or Down Syndrome. Unavailable until March 2019.

  • Easy to attach with included clips
  • Compact in size and kid-friendly
  • Includes free app with multiple tracker support

  • Description


    Give yourself peace of mind with the Trax Personal GPS Tracker tracking device. Whether you are wondering if a family member left school on time or arrived home safely, or if a loved one has just wandered out of sight, Trax keeps you updated in real time. With various features and shareable tracker capabilities, Trax Play makes for the ultimate GPS device.

    The Trax Personal GPS Tracker device features:

    - A small hardware profile that allows you to place the tracker anywhere. Stash in a backpack, sew into a favorite piece of clothing or stuffed animal, or hide in a pocket. The choice is yours!

    - Tracking data that can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. Apps are available on iOS and Android.

    - Customizable Geofences that let you draw a personal perimeter that tells you when the user has traveled outside of the safe zone.These geofences can be created multiple times to offer an unlimited number of scheduled fences based on specific needs.

    - With Augmeneted Reality, you can quickly locate the tracker using a smartphone camera, when the phone is panned around and pointed in the right direction an indicator will appear showing the location and distance to the tracker. 

    - The Proximity Alert feature allows you to set up a digital fence that moves with you and receive an immediate alert if and when the tracker goes outside the border.

    PLEASE NOTE: As Trax sends its position through a cellular network, a data plan is required. A data plan can be purchased directly through the Trax Play app, or via the TraxFamily website and start from as little as $4 a month for 24 months prepaid.

    SKU# E16307


    Trax Personal GPS Tracker Specifications

    • Rechargeable 515 mAh LiPo Battery
    • Built-in (GPRS)
    • Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Magnetometer Sensors
    • Water-resistant and shock proof
    • Dimensions: 2.2" x 1.5" x 0.4"
    • Weight: 25g
    • Prepaid Dataplan options available - sold seperately
    • Works in 100+ countries
    • Swedish Engineering
    • 2G Connectivity
    • Tracker Sharing
    • Real Time Tracking

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