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Opti-Cool Headgear™ EVA Foam Cooling Helmet

    Opti-Cool Headgear™ EVA Foam Cooling Helmet

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    Opti-Cool Headgear™ EVA Foam Cooling Helmet

    SKU# OptiCoolCoolingHelmet
    Provide optimal head protection, maximum comfort, and therapeutic cooling with the Opti-Cool Headgear™ EVA Foam Cooling Helmet. Perfect for kids who need everyday head protection but also require temperature regulation.

  • Constructed of EVA foam, with 3/4" thick lightweight material
  • Includes 3 cold packs that conform to the shape of the helmet
  • Ventilated holes for a cooler head while in use
  • Features a durable soft hook and loop velcro strap with a removable chin guard

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    Opti-Cool Headgear© EVA foam cooling helmet is designed to offer optimal protection to reduce the impact of head injury, while also giving you the option of using it for therapeutic purposes. The EVA Foam Cooling Helmet is made up of almost ¾" thick ultra lightweight foam. The ventilated protective core of the helmet is covered in a soft and stretchable, moisture wicking felt material, that allows for custom cold packs to be placed anywhere inside. The custom razor thin cold packs come in two different sizes and are wrapped in a soft insulated material that keeps the packs colder longer. The cold packs conform to the shape of the helmet when placed inside maintaining comfort when being used. The newly designed durable soft hook and loop Velcro strap includes a removable chin guard that allows for extra protection when needed.

    Three cold packs are included with the helmet and extras are available for sale separately.

    • Keeps the head cool as it protects
    • Ice down specific areas of the head without the cold packs falling off
    • Cool down multiple parts of the head quickly and at the same time
    • Head injury recovery
    • Preventative care for various types of special needs such as poor balance, sensory and/or motor development delays, seizure disorders, and bleeding disorders.
    • Prevent bumps and bruises for toddlers that are crawling and/or learning to walk • Many indoor and outdoor uses including water activities, sports, etc.
    •  Use during or after activity to keep the head cool
    SKU# OptiCoolCoolingHelmet


    Opti-Cool Headgear™ EVA Foam Cooling Helmet Specifications

    Size Head Circumference Approx.weight
    XX- Small 17.5 - 18.75 inches 3 ounces
    X-Small 19 - 20.25 inches 3.2 ounces
    Small 20.5 - 21.75 inches 3.9 ounces
    Medium 22 - 23.25 inches 4.2 ounces
    Large 23.5 - 24.75 inches 4.7 ounces
    X-Large 25 - 26.25 inches 5.3 ounces

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