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Scented Therapy Putty

    Scented Therapy Putty


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    Scented Therapy Putty

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    Color-coded resistive hand exercise material. For a variety of finger, hand, and wrist resistive exercises. Recommended by therapists to improve finger and hand strength and mobility after injury or surgery. It can also be used to facilitate grasping patterns with pediatric clients.


    Our Scented Therapy Putty makes hand therapy more pleasant for youngster.  Using scented therapy putty is a fun way for children to develop grip strength and stay attentive and participate in physical therapy. This naturally scented thera putty can help develop a person's attention span and has a calming effect. Playing with putty is a natural exercise for ADD, ADHD, and Autism. It is great for an over stimulated child in a temper tantrum or kids with "ants in their pants" such as in a classroom. Take out this naturally scented play putty and watch the happy, calming transition.
    This thera-putty is bleed-proof, nontoxic, clean, non-oily, and will not leave color or residue on patient hands. Four visually distinct colors reflect established standards in resistive exercise, that progress in resistance from super soft to extra firm. Pleasant to the touch, this silicone putty will not harden or dry out.
    Designed to meet a wide range of hand/arm strengthening needs, thera putty can be squeezed, stretches, twisted or pinched. Great for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome exercises.
    Available in convenient easy open/resealable plastic containers for individuals and larger containers for hospitals and clinics. These exercises will strengthen the muscles of your fingers, hand and forearm.
    Note: Putty May Stain Fabric (clothing, upholstery, etc.)
    SKU# ScentedTheraPutty


    Scented Therapy Putty Specifications:

    Color Consistency
    Tan Super Soft
    Yellow Soft
    Red Medium Soft
    Green Medium

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do you know which resistance to purchase?
    It's always best to start with the softest resistance and work your way up to the most firm. The best recommendation is to try 2-3 containers of putty. The user's Occupational Therapist will have a better suggestion as to which resistance is the best for the user, because they have a more one-on-one relationship and understanding of the strengths of the user.