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Haven Bed

    Haven Bed

    Haven Bed

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    The Haven Bed sleeping enclosure from Beds By George provides maximum safety while sleeping for those who need it. It features full mesh sides that allow for better ventilation that maintain security and comfort. OVERSIZED ITEM OVERSIZED ITEM.

  • Mattress size: 36"x76"
  • Washable, mildew, and water repellent fabric
  • Fabric exceeds 250 lb pressure test

    White mesh, choose fabric color.

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    The Haven bed offers the highest level of "soft safety" among the Beds by George products. While rigid side beds can have padded interiors, the full mesh sides of the Haven offer more ventilation and a softer experience. The fabric is stretched over a rigid heavy duty tubular aluminum frame. Foam is sewn into the fabric to pad the vertical frame. One of the most important aspects to the design of the Haven bed is that the fabric can be tightened easily without disassembling the bed. This is particularly important to prevent the fabric sag that occurs over time on all mesh sided beds, and for maximum safety and usability, the material needs to remain taut. Another significant feature is that the fabric is removable and machine washable in a normal household unit without having to disassemble the bed.

    Due to the custom-built nature of the Haven Bed, this product is non-returnable.

    SKU# HavenBed


    Haven Bed Specifications

    • Fabric covering is removable and washable.
    • Transfer height as low as 14 inches for fixed deck.
    • Available decks: fixed, manual adjust
    • The unit is mesh with nylon reinforcement stretched over a heavy duty tubular aluminum frame.
    • Metal frame is bolted to corner posts.
    • Approximately 50 inches interior height
    • Mesh is white, fabric border comes in several colors
    • Padded Nylon sleeves cover metal frame
    • Fabric can be tightened AND done so without disassembling the bed.
    • Mattress size: 36x76 
    • Medicaid and FDA approved

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