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SleepSafer Tall Bed - Basic

    SleepSafer Tall Bed - Basic


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    SleepSafer Tall Bed - Basic

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    The SleepSafer Basic Tall Bed rests on a fixed foundation and features low full-length safety rails on both sides that extend from 17 to 36 inches above the mattress. 


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    New Revolutionary Adaptive Bed Meets or Exceeds Safety Standards with Classic Style!
    Designed for the most active users, the SleepSafer Basic Tall Bed has safety rails that extend up to 36.25" above the mattress on both sides of the bed depending on the foundation choice. These two safety rails can be quickly rotated out of the way to provide immediate access or be easily removed. When access is required from both sides, two additional safety rails (Dual View option) is available.
    These full-length rails, combined with the precision-fitted mattress helps the SleepSafe meet or exceed FDA guidelines on the "Seven Zones of Entrapment". The SleepSafer Tall Bed offers 3 different height options for installing your fixed foundation.

    Warranty: Mattress has a 10 year, Bed has a unlimited 1 year against defects in workmanship or materials and a limited 5 year after that.
    The SleepSafer Tall Basic Bed comes standard with:
    • Mason Medical Series 1100 Shear Care Pressure Reducing Memory Foam Mattress
    • Your choice or box spring or bunkie board (bunkie board provides four additional inches of safety rail height)
    • Clear non-breakable safety rail windows for visibility
    • Locking casters
    Designed with the advice from care taking professionals, the SleepSafe Bed is manufactured of solid maple or oak and supports up to 350 lbs.

    A Twin, Full or Queen Size Mattress and Box Spring (or Bunkie Board) set are included with your SleepSafer Bed. These adaptive beds accommodates a standard twin, full, or queen-size mattress and box springs. We use Mason Medical Series 1100 Shear Care Pressure Reducing Mattress. Covered in fluid-resistant, anti-microbial/snit-bacterial, fire retardant stretch Nylon fabric, this mattress provides four unique comfort zones for support and pressure-relief. The memory foam contours to the body and are designed for use in Nursing Home, Hospital and Home Health Care settings.

    SleepSafe Beds - Safety Rails Adaptive Side Safety Rails
    The SleepSafe Bed design is unique to the industry! Put rails up when you need to protect the patient. The clear window reduces claustrophobia.  Take them down or off as you please.
    SleepSafe Beds - Locking Rails

    Locking Rails
    Positive locking safety rails insure the patient's well-being. All hardware is adjustable for easy maintenance.

    SleepSafe Beds - Built To Last Built to Last!
    Rock solid construction and durability keeps sleeping safe.
    SleepSafe Beds - No Burrowing
    No Room to Burrow
    The SleepSafe Bed precision-fit custom mattress fits tightly within the bed frame. Even with aggressive compression, it is virtually impossible to burrow deeply enough to create an entrapment issue or safety hazard.
    • Padding - Custom fit padding is available for all sides to provide protection from contact with the bed frame. 3/4" high-density foam is encapsulated in easily-cleaned and waterproof PVC coated nylon. (If you think you will require the Padding option, please do so at the time of purchase. Each SleepSafe bed is precisely manufactured to prevent entrapment and even the thickness of the padding must be taken into account.)
    • IV Attachment - 30" tall stainless steel pole with two Ram hooks attaches securely to the headboard
    • Headboard/Footboard Windows - Attractive non-breakable windows are available for both headboard and/or footboard for increase visibility.
    SKU# SleepSaferTallBedBasic


    SleepSafer Tall Bed - Basic Specifications:

      Twin Full Queen
    Safety Rail Height (Above Mattress)      
    Fixed with Box Spring 30.5", 26.5" or 22 .5"
    Fixed with Bunkie Board 36.25", 32.25" or 28.25"
    Manual Articulated Foundation 32.5"
    Electric Articulated Foundation 32.5", 29" or 25.5"
    Articulated and HiLo Foundation LO 32.25" to HI 16.25" above rail
    Mattress Height (Surface to Floor)      
    Fixed with Box Spring 24.5", 28.5" or 32.5"
    Fixed with Bunkie Board 18.75", 22.75" or 26.75"
    Manual Articulated Foundation 22.5"
    Electric Articulated Foundation 22.5", 26" or 29.5"
    Articulated and HiLo Foundation LO 22.5" to HI 38.5"
    Floor to Rail Height  55"
    Overall Outside Dimensions 42.25"x80.25"x57" 56"x80"x57" 65"x80"x57"
    Mattress Size 37"W x 77"L 51"W x 77"L 60"W x 77"L
    Floor Clearance - Standard Model 7.75" 7.75" 7.75"
    Floor Clearance - Manual Foundation Model 7.75" 7.75" 7.75"
    Transfer Height (top of side panel to floor) 26" 26" 26"
    Weight Capacity 350 lbs. 350 lbs. 350 lbs.

    Additional Information

    **Non-returnable item. This is a custom manufactured product and is non-returnable.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Which SleepSafe bed model will suit your needs?
    We offer three sizes of our adaptive bed with one basic difference - the height of the safety rail protection above the mattress. This choice should be made based on the activity level of the user. How active is he or she? How much safety rail above the mattress is needed? Can the user sit up? Can he or she pull to kneel or even stand in the bed? Keeping this in mind will help you and your doctor determine which bed is most appropriate.
    • SleepSafe Low Bed
    • SleepSafe II Medium Bed
    • SleepSafer Tall Bed

    In the above listed order, each bed offers increased safety rail height and level of protection. If you were to line the 3 size beds side by side you will see that each one gets taller than the next.

    Another basic, but important difference in the models is access to the sleep surface. All of our beds are built with 2 safety rails. On the SleepSafe Basic and the SleepSafe II, the rails are installed on both sides of the bed, allowing access from either side.

    In order to offer the highest level of protection with a maximum 36 inches of safety rail height above the mattress, we have designed the SleepSafer with two safety rails tiered one on top of the other on ONE side, allowing access FROM ONLY ONE side of the bed.

    The back side of the bed is constructed of a solid wood panel. Because of the overall height of the bed, it usually does not create a concern because most users place the bed against a wall. However, when there is a need to access the high bed from both sides, we offer the option for a “Dual View” which includes 2 additional safety rails to replace the solid wood back panel.

    Does the SleepSafe bed need padding?
    Very Important Note: When ordering your bed, you will need to order your bed with or without padding depending on your needs. Our beds are sized and manufactured accordingly. It is important to make this determination when you order your bed as retrofitting your bed in the future will be costly. If you order padding it will be installed at the factory and will cover ALL four sides. Padding only one or two sides is NOT an option. If you order padding with your bed it is very important to follow our recommendations by NEVER using the bed if you have removed one or more of the pads. If you remove ANY of the pads, a gap will be created between the mattress and the sides of the bed potentially creating a risk for entrapment.
    What features or functions do you need in a foundation?
    Every SleepSafe Bed includes a foundation that supports the mattress. The following foundations are available for SleepSafe Beds. Choose the one that best suits your needs based on the features or functions that you'd like your adaptive bed to perform.
    • FIXED offers a foundation with a fixed height and NO articulation. The mattress will lie flat on a box spring or bunkie board. Depending on the bed model chosen, you will have more than one choice for positioning that fixed height at the time of installation. The SleepSafe - Low Bed offers 2 different height options for installing your fixed foundation. The SleepSafe 2 - Medium Bed and SleepSafer - Tall Bed, offers 3 different height options for installing your fixed foundation. The height/positioning choice you make when installing the fixed foundation will determine the height of safety rail protection above the mattress. For example, if you choose to install at the lower position, this will increase the height of protection above the mattress. You may change the height of your fixed foundation at any time. NOTE: You have a choice when choosing the Fixed foundation of a box spring or bunkie board. There is NO cost or comfort difference between the two options. The only difference in the two is the depth of each. A bunkie board is just a thinner foundation (two inches thick versus a 6 inch thick box spring). If you choose a bunkie board you will gain an additional 4 inches of rail protection above the mattress.
    • MANUAL ARTICULATION offers a fixed height with NON-ELECTRIC head and knee adjustment. This foundation features head and knee adjustment by using a manual crank that is installed at in the foot board. NO high and low mattress height adjustment is available. With a hydraulic system, the hand crank is easy to use with minimal effort by the caregiver. Unlike the other foundation options that offer more than one choice for positioning the mattress height of the bed, the Manual foundation has only ONE height to install the foundation. The fixed mattress surface is 33 inches from the floor offering 12 inches of rail protection above the mattress surface (18” above the deck).
    • ELECTRIC ARTICULATION offers an electric frame with a fixed height. This foundation features head and foot elevation by remote control. With the touch of a button, you can elevate the head and/or foot section of the bed. As in the Fixed foundation above, there are more than one height positions to choose from at time of installation. The SleepSafe - Low Bed offers 2 different height options for installing your Articulated foundation. The SleepSafe 2 - Medium Bed offers 4 different height options and SleepSafer - High Bed offers 3 different height options for installing your Articulated foundation. The height/positioning choice you make when installing the Articulated foundation will determine the height of safety rail protection above the mattress. Example if you choose to install at the lower position, this will increase the height of protection above the mattress. You may change the height of your fixed foundation at any time.
    • ARTICULATED and HI-LO - offers an electric frame as your foundation with FULL articulation. Not only does the head and foot section elevate, but the Hi-Lo offers a 3rd feature where the mattress surface can be raised or lowered by remote control. This is considered a fully electric bed. Depending on where you position the mattress within the frame, will determine the amount of safety rail protection above the mattress. When lowered all the way down you will maximize the rail height above the mattress. As you begin to raise the mattress from the floor, you will decrease that safety rail height above the mattress. With the telescoping legs of the electric foundation, you can position the mattress anywhere you'd like within the range of motion of the frame.
    What bed size is most appropriate?
    The following bed sizes are available for SleepSafe Beds.
    • TWIN offers a standard twin bed size.
    • FULL offers a standard full bed size.
    • QUEEN offers a standard queen bed size.
    What wood finish would compliment your room best?
    The following wood choices are available for all SleepSafe Beds. Please note that our beds are made with natural wood with a clear finish. We do not use a stain or paint, but let the natural beauty of the wood shine through our protective clear finish.
    • MAPLE is the lightest of wood choices (as light as a manila filing folder) and shows very little wood grain.
    • OAK is a bit darker than the maple, but still relatively light in color and tends to show more of the natural wood grain.
    • CHERRY is the darker of the three wood choices but again, is still relatively light in color. Many people tend think of the dark cherry stain when thinking of cherry, but remember this is the natural wood with no stain finish, however, over time, cherry wood will darken naturally over the years.
    • MAHOGANY is the darkest of the wood choices. We use an African Mahogany which is naturally lighter than typical Mahogany and will vary in color. The color may darken with time. We clear coat the wood to bring out the wood’s beautiful grain.
    • SOLID COLORS are now available! Colors include solid White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange and Purple. All leg posts are available in Maple only. Leg posts are not available in colors. We also offer a Multicolor. Please contact us at 877-664-4565 for more information.
    Is there a top or net available to put across the top of the bed to keep my child from getting out of the bed at night?
    Yes, there is now an open or closed expansion kit for SleepSafer Tall Beds only. This cover adds 16.75" safety height.
    What bed height should I choose?
    Proper safety rail height is based on the anticipated activity level of the user.  We recommend additional height or our taller beds for more active users.
    How much time does it take to install a SleepSafe bed?
    It takes approximately 30 minutes to install.