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SleepSafer Tall Bed - Electric Articulation

    SleepSafer Tall Bed - Electric Articulation

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    SleepSafer Tall Bed - Electric Articulation

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    The SleepSafer Electric Articulation Tall Bed rests on a fixed foundation that has both head and feet articulation with safety rail protection from 17" to 36.25" above the mattress.


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    New Revolutionary Articulating Adaptive Bed Meets or Exceeds Safety Standards with Classic Style!
    Designed for the most active users, the SleepSafer Electric Articulating Tall Bed has safety rails that extend 17 to 36" above the mattress on both sides of the bed. These two safety rails can be quickly rotated out of the way to provide immediate access or be easily removed. When access is required from both sides, two additional safety rails (Dual View option) is available.
    These full-length rails, combined with the precision-fitted mattress helps the SleepSafe meet or exceed FDA guidelines on the "Seven Zones of Entrapment". The SleepSafer Electric Articulating Tall Bed features a mattress that rests on a foundation that both head and feet articulation, with motor-controlled movement conveniently operated by wired remote control.

    Warranty: Mattress has a 10 year, Bed has a unlimited 1 year against defects in workmanship or materials and a limited 5 year after that.
    The SleepSafer Electric Articulating Tall Bed comes standard with:
    • Mason Medical Series 1100 ShearCare Pressure Reducing Memory Foam Mattress
    • Clear non-breakable safety rail windows for visibility
    • Locking casters
    Designed with the advice from caretaking professionals, the SleepSafe Bed is manufactured of solid maple or oak and supports up to 350 lbs.

    A Twin, Full or Queen Size Mattress and Box Spring (or Bunkie Board) set are included with your SleepSafe Bed. These adaptive beds accommodates a standard twin, full, queen-size mattress. We use Mason Medical Series 1100 ShearCare Pressure Reducing Mattress. Covered in fluid-resistant, anti-microbial/snit-bacterial, fire retardant stretch Nylon fabric, this mattress provides four unique comfort zones for support and pressure-relief. The memory foam contours to the body and are designed for use in Nursing Home, Hospital and Home Health Care settings.

    SleepSafe Beds Adaptive Side Safety Rails
    The SleepSafe Bed design is unique to the industry! Put rails up when you need to protect the patient. The clear window reduces claustrophobia.  Take them down or off as you please.
    SleepSafe Beds

    Locking Rails
    Positive locking safety rails insure the patient's well-being. All hardware is adjustable for easy maintenance.

    SleepSafe Beds Built to Last!
    Rock solid construction and durability keeps sleeping safe.
    SleepSafe Beds
    No Room to Burrow
    The SleepSafe Bed precision-fit custom mattress fits tightly within the bed frame. Even with aggressive compression, it is virtually impossible to burrow deeply enough to create an entrapment issue or safety hazard.
    • Padding - Custom fit padding is available for all sides to provide protection from contact with the bed frame. 3/4" high-density foam is encapsulated in easily-cleaned and waterproof PVC coated nylon. (If you think you will require the Padding option, please do so at the time of purchase. Each SleepSafe bed is precisely manufactured to prevent entrapment and even the thickness of the padding must be taken into account.)
    • IV Attachment - 30" tall stainless steel pole with two Ram hooks attaches securely to the headboard
    • Headboard/Footboard Windows - Attractive non-breakable windows are available for both headboard and/or footboard for increase visibility.
    SKU# SleepSaferTallBedElectricArticulation


    SleepSafe 2 Medium Bed - Electric Articulation Specifications:

      Twin Full Queen
    Safety Rail Height (Above Mattress)      
    Fixed with Box Spring 30.5", 26.5" or 22 .5"
    Fixed with Bunkie Board 36.25", 32.25" or 28.25"
    Manual Articulated Foundation 32.5"
    Electric Articulated Foundation 32.5", 29" or 25.5"
    Articulated and HiLo Foundation LO 32.25" to HI 16.25" above rail
    Mattress Height (Surface to Floor)      
    Fixed with Box Spring 24.5", 28.5" or 32.5"
    Fixed with Bunkie Board 18.75", 22.75" or 26.75"
    Manual Articulated Foundation 22.5"
    Electric Articulated Foundation 22.5", 26" or 29.5"
    Articulated and HiLo Foundation LO 22.5" to HI 38.5"
     Floor to Rail Height  55"
    Overall Outside Dimensions 42.25"x80.25"x57" 56"x80"x57" 65"x80"x57"
    Mattress Size 37"W x 77"L 51"W x 77"L 60"W x 77"L
    Floor Clearance - Standard Model 7.75" 7.75" 7.75"
    Floor Clearance - Manual Foundation Model 7.75" 7.75" 7.75"
    Transfer Height (top of side panel to floor) 26" 26" 26"
    Weight Capacity 350 lbs. 350 lbs. 350 lbs.

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