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EasyStand Bantam Stander

    EasyStand Bantam Stander

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    EasyStand Bantam Stander

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    The EasyStand Bantam Stander combines the convenience of a sit-to-stand stander with the added function of a supine stander. This combination allows the child to be positioned in an infinite number of positions.


    Must choose Standard Seat if individual lateral supports are needed. The form to fit seat features pads that have mold-able wings that provide some lateral support.

    Height from seat. Provides additional support.

    If choosing the supine option, you must order a head support.

    Required when ordering the Dual Control option above.

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    Now introducing a new type of stander for kids - the EasyStand Bantam! The EasyStand Bantam Stander combines the convenience of a sit-to-stand stander with the added function of a supine stander. This combination allows the child to be positioned in an infinite number of positions. The EasyStand Bantam is available in two sizes to fit kids from early intervention through elementary school (a growth kit is available to convert the extra small to a small).

    • Bantam-Extra Small Stander: Fits kids 28”-40” tall and up to 50 lbs
    • Bantam-Small Stander: Fits kids 36”-54” tall and up to 100 lbs
    A Multitude of Standing Positions
    The EasyStand Bantam offers infinite positioning possibilities. Since changing positions in the Bantam is safe, easy, and quick, the child can get a whole new perspective without changing equipment. By alternating a variety of standing positions, the child can tolerate standing for a longer period of time. Plus, when it is easier for the caregivers to stand the child, and the child is more comfortable, they will stand more often.
    EasyStand Bantam Features:
    • Foot plates
    • Kneepads
    • Gas spring lift
    • Planar seat and back
    • Two front wheels
    • Two rear locking casters
    • Chest strap (tray not included)
    Imagine the positioning possibilities in the Bantam:
    • Children who are difficult to transfer due to high tone can utilize the Bantam with the supine option to do a flat-to-load transfer with or without hip and knee flexion. The sit-to-stand and supine combination accommodates for contractures in a way that no other stander can.
    • At the dinner table, the Bantam can be positioned at a height that allows the child to facilitate a more natural upright feeding position and socialize with the rest of the family.
    • After standing upright for a period of time, the child can rest in a seated, tilted or supine position, then return to upright standing when their energy increases.
    • In the classroom, the Bantam can be used in an anterior tilt sitting position for high task performance. The tray can be removed so the child can be positioned for perfect access to tables or activities in the classroom.

    Standing Compliance Starts with the Bantam
    The EasyStand Bantam was designed to start kids on the path to a lifetime of standing. By combining supine positioning with sit-to-stand, the Bantam allows a smaller child to start their standing program from supine, then progress to the preferred sit-to-stand method of standing as they grow taller and heavier. The Bantam helps ease the transition from supine standing to sit-to-stand, preparing them for a lifetime of standing compliance. Therapists appreciate how the Bantam can be used as a transitional stander for kids who need a supine stander now, but eventually will progress to upright standing, utilizing the sit-to-stand transition.

    Natural sit-to-stand transition gently brings child to the standing position
    • One person can transfer the child from their wheelchair into the stander while in the seated or lying position.
    • Secure positioning straps and optional Shadow Tray.
    • Elevate child to the desired position by depressing the button to activate the manual gas spring lift (or optional manual hydraulic pump).
    Bantam Shadow Tray – For Added Support and School Activities
    The ability to use the Bantam with the Shadow Tray as both a stander and a supportive activity surface make it a perfect choice for the child who needs more anterior support, both in a home or a school setting. As the child moves into a standing position, the tray “shadows” them, providing tray access and anterior support in all positions from sitting to standing. Children who have contractures can stand partially upright, having complete access to the tray, while remaining fully supported.
    Why Stand Kids with Disabilities?
    There are a number of excellent research studies documenting the medical benefits of standing programs for a child’s long-term health. Besides the medical benefits, children have also experienced enhanced social development & peer interaction while standing. Therapists, teachers and caregivers notice increased alertness, vocalization and responsiveness. Parents have observed how activities of daily living have increased, and kids like how standing allows them to play!
    Photographs may show accessories that are NOT included with standard model.
    SKU# ESBantam


    EasyStand Bantam Stander Specifications

    • Photographs may show accessories that are NOT included with standard model.

    Use this Dimensions Chart to help you make the right choice for your child.

    Height Range 28" - 40" 36" - 54"
    Weight Capacity 50 lbs. 100 lbs.
    Seat Depth Range 7" - 12" 11" - 16"
    Seat Height from Floor
    (transfer height)
    19" 19"
    Seat to Foot Plate
    (inverted brackets)
    4.5" - 11" 4.5" - 11"
    Seat to Footplate 10" - 16.5" 10" - 16.5"
    Kneepad Depth Range
    from Front of Seat
    2.5" - 8.5" 2.5" - 8.5"
    Kneepad Width 5.5" 5.5"
    Back height from Seat 11" - 13" 12" - 14"
    Weight of Basic Unit 54 lbs. 54 lbs.
    Standard Lift Mechanism Gas Spring Lift Gas Spring Lift
    Supine Angle 0° - 90° 0° - 90°

    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the difference between the gas spring lift and the hydraulic pump for the Bantam?

    The gas spring lift comes standard with the unit.  A parent or therapist would push a button with their foot and then gradually lift the stander into the desired position.  With the hydraulic pump option, the child can stand independently if thy are able.  Several short pumps, using the pump handle, will bring the stander to the desired position.
    What's the difference between the planar and comfy seating systems?     
    The planar seat and back come standard and provide a flat surface that may be easier to transfer into.  The comfy style seat and back have a form-to-fit insert that provides the child with additional lateral support.
    Can I get the Bantam with a clear tray?     
    Yes the Shadow Tray is available in both clear acrylic or black molded versions.
    What colors is the Bantam stander available in?     
    The Bantam is available in your choice of red or blue frame, and black upholstery.
    What is the advantage of supine standing?
    Although upright standing is a more natural position, therapists may prescribe supine standers for their clients who have poor head and trunk control. A supine stander may also make transferring easier in the flat to load position. The EasyStand Bantam is a practical transition stander because it can be used as a bridge from supine standing to sit to stand as a child's abilities progress.
    What improvements does the Bantam have over the Magician?     
    Some of the improvements of the Bantam over the Magician include:
    1. The Bantam closely mimics the body's natural pivot points, so that when the child moves from sitting to standing, the back, laterals and head support, remain in the same place.
    2. Optional supine positioning in addition to sit to stand
    3. Optional Shadow Tray supports the child from sitting to standing
    4. Optional hydraulic pump can provide an hand -operated independent transition to standing for children who are able
    5. The Bantam can be customized with planar seating, optional comfy seating or a combination of both
    6. Open base style allows for easier transfers
    Are there any additional tray options for the Bantam?
    The Bantam comes standard with no tray.  A Shadow Tray option is available in black molded or clear acrylic.  Additional tray options will be available in the future.
    How can the Bantam make a lifetime of standing achievable and affordable?
    The EasyStand Bantam makes a lifetime of standing achievable and affordable by allowing a small child to start standing in a supine position then progress to the preferred sit-to-stand method as they grow taller & heavier.
    What is the warranty on the EasyStand Bantam?
    The warranty on the EasyStand Bantam line of standers is five years on the steel frame, two years on the spring lifting mechanism, two years on the hydraulic actuator, and ninety days on all other parts.
    How can I achieve a wider degree of abduction in the Bantam?
    Swapping the Bantam footplates allows for an additional degree of abduction while standing. Simply loosen the footplate ratchet handle & slide the footplate off of the frame on each side, then slide the footplate back onto the opposite side and re-tighten the ratchet handle. From there you can adjust the kneepads to a wider setting & if the unit includes a Comfy Seat, slightly flatten the contoured part of the seat. This is just one more example of how the Bantam can fit the needs of clients with a variety of abilities.