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Jenx Multistander System

    Jenx Multistander System


    Jenx Multistander System

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    One of the easiest-to-use standing frames available, the Jenx Multistander System provides highly versatile standing support and adjustability that suits children from 9 months to 13 years old. The Size 2 accommodates users up to 132 lbs.

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  • Easy to use, clean and maintain

  • Goes from horizontal to upright for easier transfers and standing angles

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    The Jenx Multistander is now available in two sizes, making it a highly versatile first standing frame suiting children from 9 months to 13 years.  It has an unrivaled amount of adjustment 
    for height and width with a maximum user weight of 30kg for the Multistander Size 1 and 60kg for the Multistander Size 2.

    Smooth and easy angle adjustment take the Multistander from horizontal right through to upright, facilitating easy transfers and the ability for precision standing angles.  The wide variety of head, trunk, leg and support accessories enable the product to be specified and tailored exactly for each individual, whilst the open design enables carers to quickly see how the child is positioned and adjust as necessary.


    New White Frame

    • Makes it easy to spot spills of body fluid or feed and to clean before they become hazardous
    • Makes it easier to recognize frame fatigue and damage

    Antimicrobial Agent on all PU Surfaces

    • Provides improved infection control
    • Makes the product easier to re-issue
    • provides peace of mind to carers/parents, helps keep the product clean and hygienic, ideal for busy families who don’t have time to launder soiled covers
    • Unique in the market place

    New Multistander Size 2 Base Options

    • The Multistander now has the versatility to be wider, larger, narrower and to accommodate a heavier child than many other products in the marketplace
    • The new Size 2 offers either a manual or a powered base. The manual base has a robust winder mechanism which provides a cost effective alternative
    • De-rotational Thoracic and Pelvic Straps with Lateral Support PadsStraps fasten in the centre and adjust independently from either side enabling a midline position to be achieved
    • Buckles and velcro ensure straps are safe and secure
    • Support pads available in small, medium, slim and high rise

    Innovative Prone/Supine Adjustable Tray

    • Revolutionary tray with its own dedicated adjustment slot, meaning the tray is adjustable for height, angle and depth
    • Unique inbuilt infills prevent awkward gaps so arms won’t get stuck when in supine
    • Supplied with mounting slots for elbow blocks
    • Raised, contrasting tray edge provides a visual barrier for children and a useful anchor point for attaching toys or sensory aids

    Angle Adjustable Chest Pad

    • Shaped to encourage arms into mid-line, plus the angle can be adjusted to improve extension

    Multigrip Body Support

    • A new accessory for the new Multistander Size 2, which can be used as a shoulder protractor in supine or to provide additional lumbar support between the trunk
    • and pelvic boards

    Independently Adjustable Thoracic and Pelvic Boards

    • Allowing the individual proportions of each child to be catered for, whilst also giving scope to avoid pressure on delicate areas such as feeding buttons

    Simple to Use

    • Open design and simplicity mean safe and dignified transfers can be easily completed

    Compact Footprint

    • Non-intrusive in even the smallest of family homes


    • Prone, supine and upright in one product
    SKU# JenxMultistander


    Jenx Multistander System Specifications

       Size 1 Prone  Size 1 Supine Size 2 Prone Size 2 Supine 
      Angle Range  10° - 90° 90° - 10°  0° - 80°   0° - 80° 
      Age Range (approx.)  9 Months to 3 Years  9 Months to 3 Years  3 Years to 13 Years  3 Years to 13 Years 
      Max User Height  46 inches   46 inches     69 inches   69 inches
      Frame Width   22¼ inches 22¼ inches   25½ inches 25½ inches 
      Frame Length  28 inches  28 inches   39 inches   39 inches
      Min. Height (footplate to top of support boards)   19½ inches 22½ inches   27½ inches 30½ inches 
      Max. Height (footplate to top of support boards)   34 inches 34 inches  46 inches   46 inches
      Min. Height (footplate to top of head support)  -  26 inches   -  33 inches
      Max. Height (footplate to top of head support)  - 45 inches   -

    53 inches (w/o shoulder support)


    59 inches (w. shoulder support)

      Chest Pad Width (min/max)  6 - 10 inches 6 - 10 inches  6¾ - 12½ inches  6¾ - 12½ inches 
      Hip Pad Width (min/max)  4¾ - 10¼ inches 4¾ - 10¼ inches   6¾ - 12½ inches 6¾ - 12½ inches 
      Kneeblock Width (center to center) (min/max)    4¾ - 10¼ inches  4¾ - 10¼ inches    6¾ - 12½ inches  6¾ - 12½ inches 
      Height of Stander (floor to top of upper pad) (min/max) 23¾ - 35½ inches  26 - 35½ inches   23¾ - 35½ inches 26 - 35½ inches 
      Footplate Angle Range  -15° - +15°  -15° - +15°   -15° - +15°    -15° - +15°

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