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Kaye Two Wheeled PostureRest Walkers with Seat

    Kaye Two Wheeled PostureRest Walkers with Seat

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    Kaye Two Wheeled PostureRest Walkers with Seat

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    PostureRest Walkers provide mobility while promoting improved posture and gait. These walkers include fold-down seats as an integral part of the design.

    Includes (2) - 3 Foot Strips Of The Color/Pattern Chosen (Examples Pictured Above)

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    The KAYE Two Wheeled PostureRest Walkers are designed around the same principles as the KAYE Posture Control Walkers without seats; providing mobility while promoting improved posture and gait. These walkers include fold-down seats as an integral part of the design. Alternating between sitting and standing is a natural part of the postural changes necessary to conserve and direct energy for daily activities. The PostureRest Walkers will be useful for users who are just beginning to walk and have low endurance or who are recovering from neurological or orthopedic surgery and must regain strength. Because the user can rest as needed, he should be able to participate in more social activities and in a larger variety of settings.

    Many users, even those who have good walking endurance, need to rest during prolonged periods of standing or waiting. Children alternate between sitting and standing at school: on the playground; watching sporting events; selecting library books; or waiting in the cafeteria line. Teens may choose to sit to socialize with friends at the mall or during after school activities. All users make these choices when they socialize with friends in the community, at the work place, or on family vacations and trips. The KAYE PostureRest Walkers will allow persons who use walkers to access places where seating might not otherwise be available. While the seat is not intended to replace an individualized seating system or wheelchair, it will provide a much needed break from standing and walking without having to make additional seating equipment available.
    Like Kaye Posture Control Walkers, the Kaye PostureRest Walkers fold for transportation and storage.
    KAYE PostureRest Walkers are available in five heights and two widths to accommodate users from 18 months into adulthood. The latex-free handgrips with flanged ends help align the user’s arms and hands comfortably at his sides as weight is taken on extended arms.
    The KAYE Two Wheeled PostureRest Walkers have crutch tips on the rear legs. This creates greater friction against the floor so that the walker moves more slowly. This can be an advantage for users who have serious balance impairments.


    SKU# Kaye2WheeledPostureRestWalkerSeat


    Kaye Two Wheeled PostureRest Walker With Seat Specifications:

    • 2 each 5" diameter fixed directional front wheels provide a straight course of travel
    • Front wheels constructed of durable, rubber compound
    • 2 each rear rubber crutch tips providing increased friction against the floor
    • Available in 7 sizes to fit all users


      Height to Top of Handle (floor to mid-buttocks) Distance Between Handles (depth/width) Weight Limits Walker Weight Recommended User (height/age)
    Small Child 14.5" - 20" 9"D / 13.5"W 60 lbs. 7 lbs. 35" - 38" /
    18 mos - 4 years
    Child 16.5" - 22" 9"D / 13.5"W 60 lbs. 7 lbs. 37" - 44" /
    3-6 years
    Youth 19" - 25" 10"D / 13.5"W 85 lbs. 8 lbs. 40" - 49" /
    4-8 years
    Pre-Adolescent 23" - 30.5" 11"D / 15"W 130 lbs. 10 lbs. 45" - 57" /
    6-11 years
    Adolescent 28.5" - 36" 13"D / 17"W 180 lbs. 11.5 lbs. 54" - 67" /
    10-16 years
    Large Slim 36" - 41" 13.5"D / 17"W 250 lbs. 12 lbs. 67" - 72" /
    16+ years
    Large 35.5" - 41" 15"D / 18.5"W 250 lbs. 13 lbs. 67" - 72" /
    16+ years

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