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KidWalk Gait Mobility System

    KidWalk Gait Mobility System

    KidWalk Gait Mobility System

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    KidWalk Gait Mobility System is an innovative pediatric dynamic mobility system that affords freedom of exploration while safely supporting the user.

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    KidWalk Gait Mobility System is an innovative pediatric dynamic mobility system that affords freedom of exploration while safely supporting the user. Unlike a gait trainer, the KidWalk has a large mid-wheel configuration that encourages upper-body rotation over the pelvis while allowing upper-extremity freedom. The dynamic action allows lateral weight shift and simulates a natural gait pattern. KidWalk positioning options provide various levels of support to accommodate maximum freedom in upper extremity movement.

    The various wheel configuration and small turning radius allows exceptional maneuverability. This is key in affording a child access not only to their home and school environments, but, encourages exploration that has been proven to enhance their cognitive and social development.

    Tool-free adjustability is quick exact and easy making Kid Walk ideal for schools and institutions. Easy to use, one hand height adjustment mechanism allows quick positive adjustments while the child is in the unit. All positioning options swing away to allow easy placement and positioning of user.

    Allows therapeutic adjustment for use in ambulation and therapy oriented activities. Seat and support system move with the client allowing the natural movement of the body while reducing weight and fatigue.

    SKU# KidWalkGaitMobilitySystem


    KidWalk Gait Mobility System Specifications


    • Auto centering pelvic guides
    • Lateral weight shift
    • Vertical weight relief with adjustable load compensating spring assembly
    • Angle adjustable mast
    • Anti Tip Supports
    • Wheel locks
    • Quick release wheels
    • Padded seat
    • Adjustable axle position
    • Light up rear casters
    • Two piece frame for easy transport
    • Mag Wheels
    • Tool Free Adjustment

    **The user's inseam is a general guide to help you select the appropriate KidWalk.



    Kid Walk
    Kid Walk II
     Base Size  24"W x 27"L 27.5"W x 32"L
     Overall Length 33" - 35" 36" - 38"
     Mast Height 33.5" 37.25"
     Wheels 20" Mag 24" Mag
     Casters 4" Lighted 5" Lighted
    Seat Height 9" - 22" 15" - 28"
    Weight Capacity Up to 65 lbs Up to 90 lbs.

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    Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

    We LOVE our KidWalk II. For a kid who is in a wheelchair all day, this gives him the freedom to move around like his brother! It took a while to get used to but he has slowly gained strength (and tricks like pushing really hard, lifting his legs and letting momentum do the work!) and endurance. It's great to see him excited to do therapy! Review by Jen G / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    Our 4-year daughter uses the KidWalk and we have been very happy with it. The best feature is that it allows the child to walk right up to things. For example, our daughter can open drawers and cabinets. Other gait trainers place the child far back so that they cannot reach things. Very durable and extremely adjustable. Would not change a thing. Expensive, but worth it. Review by Houston Parent / (Posted on 8/26/2013)