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Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer

    Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer

    Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer

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    The Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer is a great solution to help children and achieve independence in a posterior gait trainer. For those that need assistance to walk, the Luminator Posterior Gait Trainer provides the right amount of support for each individual.

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    The Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer has helped thousands of children experience independence and the sheer joy of mobility. The ability to self-propel upright brings greater freedom, improved strength, and the confidence to experience new things. For a wide range of children with varying abilities, the Luminator provides outstanding support and control. Using the Luminator, children learn to initiate forward motion and maintain forward momentum, building skills and muscular control with every step. Flexible and adjustable, the Luminator is renown for its great design and ease of use. Everything about the Luminator encourages forward progress for children, so nothing stands between them and the places they want to go.
    The Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer is a comfortable, supportive gait trainer for a very involved child or a simple means of assisted walking for a child who needs minimal help. Customize support by selecting from a variety of prompts, designed to adapt to the changing needs of each child.
    We continue to provide quality products for individuals with special needs. The Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer is a great example. The Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer is a gait trainer that can be adapted to meet the needs of most individuals, whether minimal or maximum support is needed. We have made the Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer design lightweight and easy to use, with an aesthetic design.
    The Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer is available in three sizes and fits individuals with an Elbow Height between 17" - 36".
    SKU# LuminatorAnteriorGaitTrainer


    Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer Specifications:


    • Seat Harness – supports patients who cannot stand completely on their own.
    • Pelvic Stabilizer – supports and stabilizes the pelvis.
    • Positioning Bar – provides adjustable depth.
    • Vertical Handgrips – provides alternate handgrip position, posterior models only.
    • Variable Resistance Tabs – controls the speed of the gait trainer and aligns an asymmetrical gait pattern.
    • One-Directional Rear Wheels – allows only forward mobility, posterior models only.
    • Swivel Wheel Locking Bracket – provides option to lock swivel wheels.
    • Height Adjustable - Simple, two-handed height adjustment.
    • Durable powder coated frame.
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty on the frame.

    Dimensions: Use this Dimensions Chart to help you make the right choice for your child.

    Size Tyke Pediatric Adult
    Elbow height 15.5"-20.5" 18.5"-27.5" 24"-34"

    Key User Dimension: Elbow Height
    Measure the vertical distance from the bent elbow to the floor while the user is standing upright. Choose the Gait Trainer that allows for growth .

    Important: Make sure that the chest prompt width is adequate, allowing for growth. User's weight must not exceed the maximum working load.

    Adjustable Height 17" - 20" 22" - 28" 29" - 36"
    Inside Width Between Handlebars 14" 15.5" 21"
    Width 22" 23.5" 26.5"
    Depth Opened at Base 22" 25" 27"
    Weight Capacity 100 lbs. 200 lbs. 400 lbs.

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