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Posterior Safety Rollers

    Posterior Safety Rollers

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    Posterior Safety Rollers

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    Encourage movement in an upright position with a mobility aid designed for special needs users that require extra support with the Posterior Safety Roller.

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    Posterior safety rollers are an alternative for a special needs adult or child who has difficulty using an anterior walker due to their tendency to lean forward, apply excessive weight to arms, push walker forward too quickly and, therefore, cannot control it's speed. This mobility aid is designed for users that require “that extra support” and encourages ambulation in an upright position and lowers trunk, hip and knee angle flexions.

    Many physical therapists prefer posterior (reverse) walkers for children with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological, orthopedic and developmental disorders.

    SKU# PosteriorSafetyRollers


    Posterior Safety Roller Specifications:

    Posterior Safety Roller Features:

    • Welded steel frame.
    • Height adjustable in 1" increments.
    • One directional rear wheels, which can be disengaged to allow full forward and reverse mobility.
    • Patient is situated in the center of the Safety Roller, which provides maximum support and improved posture.
    • Skid resistant, non-marring, easy rolling neoprene wheels. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
    • Folds easily and stands on its own in the folded position.
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Safety Roller Accessories:


    Customize your safety roller with accessories that can be mounted individually or in multiple configurations depending on your unique special need.

    • Basket: Front mount wire basket with set of clips.
    • Width Adjustable Seat: Seat adjusts in width to accommodate varying widths of Safety Rollers. Safety Roller's brakes are automatically engaged when weight is applied to seat. Seat can be folded when not in use. (Adult Size Only)
    • Extended Uprights: Extends Safety Roller height up to 47". For proper sizing, measure floor to wrist for handlebar height.
    • IV Pole: Height adjustable IV pole with mounting bracket.
    • Oxygen Tank Holder: Oxygen tank holder for a "D" or "E" cylinder.
    • Dial-A-Speed Tabs: Dial-A-Speed tabs provide variable resistance on one or both rear wheels. This serves as a partial brake and allows the user to control the speed of the Safety Roller. Each side is independently adjusted and, therefore, allows for alignment of asymmetrical gait patterns.
    • Swivel Wheel Locking Brackets: Locking brackets for front swivel wheels ensure straight walking. They are easily unlocked for increased maneuverability. To combine the advantages of control and easy maneuverability, you can lock one side and unlock the other side.
    • Forearm Platforms: Constructed of lightweight aluminum. Multiple adjustments allow for many positioning options. Each side is individually adjustable and allows custom support for each user. Contoured armrest is molded in one piece with a flexible edge for added comfort. Velcro® straps prevent arms from slipping. Brackets mount anywhere along the handlebar, including the front bar, and determined by patient's weight bearing needs.
    • Ankle Prompts: Maintains legs and/or feet in abduction, prevents crossing and controls stride length. Used for patients with spasticity, poor motor control, ataxia and excessive adduction.
    • Seat Harness: The Seat Harness provides cushioned comfort. It moves with user's gait pattern allowing the user to shift weight from one leg to the other. The straps can be lengthened, shortened and positioned towards the front or back on the walker frame. It assists in weight-bearing, properly positions user's pelvis and can be used as a safety sling.
    • Trunk Support: The trunk support wraps around the user and stabilizes the trunk. Used for patients with poor trunk control, ataxia, poor balance, spasticity or weakness. Height and depth adjustable trunk support includes padded back and lateral pads. The lateral pads are width adjustable. Adjustable straps with front pad secures user for maximum support. Mounts directly on handlebar of both anterior and posterior Safety Rollers.
    • Pelvic Stabilizer: The pelvic stabilizer is adjustable in width and features a support belt. It is recommended for users who have an asymmetrical posture when standing or walking and, therefore, cannot stay centered in the walker.
    • Vertical Handgrips: Patients who cannot grasp a standard handlebar use vertical handgrips. The vertical handgrips extend, pronate, supinate and have a 45-degree angle. Each side is independently adjusted for the most comfortable hand placement. When both vertical handgrips are placed in the prone position, they can be used as a horizontal handlebar.
    • Positioning Bar: The positioning bar is mounted on the handlebar of a Safety Roller and Gait Trainers and is easily moved for adjustable handlebar depth. It can be used with or without the pelvic stabilizer.


      Tyke Pediatric Adult
    Handlebar Height 17" - 20" 22" - 28" 29" - 36"
    Overall Width 21" 22.5" 27"
    Inside Width 14" 15.5" 21"
    Base Depth 22" 25" 27"
    Weight Limit 100 lbs. 200 lbs. 400 lbs.


    Trunk Support Specifications:


      Small Large
    Back Pad 4"H x 6"W 4"H x 12"W
    Side Pads 3.5"H x 5.5"W 4"H x 8"W
    Width 6.5" - 9" 11" - 14"


    Forearm Platform Specifications:

    • Armrest Length: 8".
    • Height from Handlebar to Armrest: 2" - 7.5".
    • Rotates on its axis 360°.
    • Extends.
    • 6" of height adjustability.
    • 45° of wrist angle.
    • Supinates and pronates.
    • Mounting brackets.

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