Anterior Posture Control Walkers

Anterior Posture Control Walkers

Anterior Support Walkers were designed for children and adults who can support their weight on their legs and take steps, but who lack sufficient balance or upper body and shoulder control to maintain their alignment. The walkers have a wide, stable base and may be appropriate for users with neuromuscular impairments associated with severe spasticity, athetosis or ataxia.

Posture Control Walkers are available in different frame designs. Our walkers are designed to make walking more energy efficient by improving postural alignment while the client is in the walker. Improved alignment also helps to delay, prevent or moderate secondary musculoskeletal impairments throughout the lifespan.

Research has shown that walking with improved alignment enhances qualities of stepping and walking, as well as energy consumption. Posture Control Walkers are designed to promote improved alignment and increase functional walking mobility for users.

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