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R82 Meerkat Dynamic Stander

    R82 Meerkat Dynamic Stander

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    R82 Meerkat Dynamic Stander

    SKU# R82Meerkat
    The R82 Meerkat Dynamic Stander is a simple, easily adjusted dynamic stander that encourages a child's freedom of movement.

  • Intuitive, simple-to-use adjustments that are easy on children and caregivers alike
  • Low entrance height for easier transfer
  • Grows with your child for long-term use

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    The R82 Meerkat is a simple upright standing frame with adjustable support for feet, knees, pelvis and chest. It can be positioned in anterior or posterior and has the option to add a rocker base for the development of dynamic posture control. The Meerkat is available in three sizes and suitable for children and youngsters.

    Modular components can be clicked quickly and easily on and off to meet an individual’s changing needs or the varying requirements of multiple users.

    Meerkat has been designed to allow children to learn through movement. A rocker can be easily mounted under the base plate and positioning is supported while creating the possibility for movement.


    • Dynamic standing: The R82 Meerkat encourages a child’s freedom of movement with minimal support through pure product design and its innovative rocker.
    • Simple and intuitive: Adjustments and transfers are easy for parents and caregivers thanks to the Meerkat's intuitive design. All supports are simple to use and understand, and its low entrance height makes getting in and out less difficult.
    • Easy adjustments: The ratchet system offers quick and secure adjustment in small increments, no tools required.
    • Growth adjustable accessories: The R82 Meerkat is capable of growing with your child, ensuring long-term use for families.
    SKU# R82Meerkat


    R82 Meerkat Dynamic Stander Specifications

      Size 1
    Size 2
    Size 3
    Effective width 20.75 30.75 30.75
    Effective lengh 25.25 33.75 33.75
    Effective height 14.75-29.5 19.75-39.5 25.5 - 51.25
    Approx. Age 1 - 4 years 4 - 10 years 6 - 18 years
    Weight 19.75 lbs 33.5 lbs 34.75 lbs
    Max User Weight  44 lbs 143.25 lbs 198.5 lbs
    Hip circumference 17.75 - 23.5 23.5 - 29.25 27.5 - 37.5
    Chest cirumference 17.75 - 23.5 23.5 - 29.25 27.5 - 37.5
    Knee circumference 7.5 -10 10 - 11.5 11.5 - 15.25
    Static stability sideways 10° 10° 10°
    Static stability downhill 10° 10° 10°
    Static stability uphill 10° 10° 10°

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