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Rifton Medium Adaptive Tricycles

    Rifton Medium Adaptive Tricycles

    Rifton Medium Adaptive Tricycles

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    Designed for children 7 - 12 years old, the Rifton Medium Adaptive Tricycle provides therapeutic, reciprocal exercise with all the fun of riding. This therapeutic trike grows with your child; you adjust it all with the twist of a knob.

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  • Full adjustable padded loop handlebars

  • Adjustable back support

  • Puncture-proof tires

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  • Looking for headrests? Headrests require that you choose the Trunk Support System below.

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    Want to see a child smile? Just put a tricycle underneath him! Just about every child (and most adults, for that matter) love to cycle. And with sporty adaptive tricycles from Rifton, every child can have his or her own set of wheels and the freedom to take off and go.

    For the therapist, there's hardly a more fun, motivating activity for improving leg strength, balance, fitness and endurance. Children of virtually any age enjoy cycling on Rifton Tricycles. In addition to the great physical benefits, trike riding encourages socialization and the development of friendships. Children with special needs can zoom around right alongside their peers on a tricycle that's as cool and colorful as anything on the sidewalk. And of course, our adaptive Tricycles are designed to be flexible and adjustable - growing with your little rider - with no tools required.

    The Rifton Tricycles are a great way to combine fun and therapy! With a Rifton Tricycle, your child can join his siblings and friends in outdoor play! It's a fun way to encourage independence during playtime. The Rifton Tricycles are designed to provide minimum support for your child. If more support is needed there are several accessories available to choose from to make it work for your child.


    • Trike frame includes self-leveling pedals with sandals
    • Durable powder coated frame
    • Padded loop handlebars - fully adjustable
    • Small saddle seat
    • Adjustable back support with belt
    • Tote box for storage
    • Puncture proof BMX-type tires
    • Low gear ratio to make pedaling easier to learn
    • Low center of gravity for safety
    • Low transfer step for easy access
    • Care-giver operated parking brake grips both back wheels
    • Footplates with straps and pulley system
    • All ANSI safety standards for tricycles are met or exceeded

    The Small Rifton Tricycle is designed for children around 4 to 7 years. More importantly, it is for children with an inseam between 17-22" (42.5-55 cm).

    The Medium Rifton Tricycle is designed for children around 7 to 12 years. More importantly, it is for children with an inseam between 22-28" (55-70 cm).

    The Large Rifton Tricycle is designed for adolescents 10 years to Adulthood. More importantly, it is for children with an inseam between 25-35" (62.5-87.5 cm).

    Riding a tricycle is a great way to practice reciprocal motion with the legs. The best part is, kids think it is fun, not work! The Rifton Tricycles come standard with a pulley system that helps children keep the reciprocal movement going.

    The Small Rifton Tricycle allows your child to be properly supported while participating in an activity enjoyed by so many children. The Adjustable Loop Handlebar can be rotated to meet your child's preferred hand position. The Rifton Rustler has a seat belt and a trunk support with belt that helps to keep your child's upper body in alignment. This helps them focus on pedaling and steering. And the footplates with straps helps keep their feet in place too.

    SKU# F01778


    Rifton Medium Tricycle Specifications

    Inside Leg Length
    17” - 22”
    22” - 28”
    25” - 35”



    Key User Dimension: Inside Leg Length
    When both feet and torso are strapped into place the extended leg should reach from seat to pedal comfortably.
    Important: User's weight must not exceed the maximum working load.
    Overall height
    Overall length
    Overall width
    Wheel diameter
    Distance between trunk laterals
    8” - 14”
    8” - 14”
    8” - 14”
    Gear ratio (approx.)
    Item weight
    47 lbs.
    56 lbs.
    65 lbs.
    Max. working load
    150 lbs.
    160 lbs.
    200 lb.
    Tray Dimensions
    Small: 8.5 x 12.5”
    Small: 8.5" x 12.5"
    Large: 11.5" x 13.5"
    Small: 8.5" x 12.5"
    Large: 11.5" x 13.5"
    Tray Max. working load
    10 lbs.
    10 lbs.
    15 lbs.
    Seat sizes
    Small: 10.5" x 10.5"
    Large: 12" x 16"
    Small: 10.5" x 10.5"
    Large: 12" x 16"
    Large: 12" x 16"


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