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Medium Rifton Dynamic Pacer Gait Trainer

    Medium Rifton Dynamic Pacer Gait Trainer

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    Medium Rifton Dynamic Pacer Gait Trainer

    SKU# RiftonMedPacer
    Give the freedom and confidence of better, more supportive mobility with the Medium Rifton Dynamic Pacer Gait Trainer. With new dynamic and support options, the Rifton Medium Dynamic Pacer Gait Trainer is ready to go wherever it's needed.

  • New dynamic frame option for better gait training
  • Three versatile bases work interchangeably with frame
  • Improved casters and support options

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    For over 40 years, Rifton has been one of the top names in mobility and gait training for individuals young and old with special needs. Now, after three years of development and over four thousand pieces of customer feedback, Rifton introduced the latest in their ever-evolving line of gait trainers: The Rifton Dynamic Pacer Gait Trainer.

    Rifton has gone out of its way to provide the features therapists and clients wanted most to provide the most supportive, comfortable, and beneficial giat trainer on the market today. With new mobility base and dynamic frame options, the Rifton Dynamic Pacer is truly ready to go everywhere it's needed. Whether the user needs minimal or maximum supprt, the Dynamic Pacer is up to the challenge.

    The Medium Rifton Dynamic Pacer Gait Trainer is designed for individuals with an Elbow Height between 32" - 47". Along with its familiar lightweight construction and easy-to-use design, the Pacer now features:

    Your Choice of Standard or Dynamic Frame

    In addition to the Pacer's standard upper frame, Rifton now offers a Dynamic frame that accommodates the natural side-to-side and up and down movements of the body during step-taking to facilitate a more effective gait pattern. This frame features Dynamic Weight Bearing, supporting 3” vertical up and down movement during the process of walking.

    Both frames allow for easy height adjustments thanks to a new single telescoping column and gas spring system. They also work seamlessly with Rifton's new Pacer base options, allowing you to move the frame from base to base depending on the gait training environment.

    Three Versatile Base Options

    Rifton Dynamic Pacer Gait Trainer now has three different mobile base options to choose from:

    • The Standard Base is good for indoor and light outdoor use. This base can be outfitted with an addition odometer for progress tracking.
    • The Utility Base is a more rugged version of the Standard Base. It can be used indoors or for general outdoor activities and can navigate thresholds, lawns, gravel paths or chipped playgrounds much more easily. This base can also be fitted with an optional odometer.
    • The height-adjustable Treadmill/Stability Base is a good choice for those clients who need a wider, more stable base for gait training. It is also designed to accomodate most treadmill heights and widths, and allows clients to practice stepping up on a treadmill before progressing to over-ground ambulation.

    New Multi-position Saddle Accessory

    The optional Multi-position Saddle (MPS) is the ultimate positioning accessory for easy transfers and gait training. Used for both anterior and posterior gait training, The MPS hip corral quickly provides the pelvic stability needed for upper and lower body mobility. Additionally, the MPS has five adjustments for quick and easy pelvic positioning.

    Improved Casters

    Rifton's already great casters just got better! Now featuring foot-actuated swivel locks and lower turning resistance, both the user and caretaker have more freddom to move than before.

    New Arm Platform Accessories

    A therapist-requested feature, Rifton's new arm platforms offer a simpler alternative for clients who need less arm positioning. Adjustable, padded for comfort, and easy to clean when needed.

    SKU# RiftonMedPacer


    Use this Dimensions Chart to help you make the right choice for your child.

    Size Mini Small Medium Large X-Large
    Elbow height 15.5"-20.5" 18.5"-27.5" 24"-34" 31"-46" 35"-50"
    Key User Dimension: Elbow Height
    Measure the vertical distance from the bent elbow to the floor while the user is standing upright. Choose the Gait Trainer that allows for growth

    Important: Make sure that the chest prompt width is adequate, allowing for growth. User's weight must not exceed the maximum working load.
    Arm prompt height 15.5"-20.5" 18.5"-27.5" 24"-34" 31"-46" 35"-50"
    Overall width 20.5" 22.5" 26" 27.5" 32"
    Overall length 22.5" 27" 32" 38" 45"
    Chest prompt height (top edge) 17.5"-22.5" 22"-30.5" 28"-38" 35"-50" 38.5 -53.5"
    Frame height 12.5" 15.5"-19.5" 21"-26" 28"-38" 17.5"-26"
    Folded frame n/a n/a 32"x26"x17" 28"x27.5"x17.5" 45"x32"x17.5"
    Frame weight 7.5 lbs. 10.5 lbs. 15 lbs. 27 lbs. 45 lbs.
    Max. working load 50 lbs. 75 lbs. 150 lbs. 200 lbs. 275 lbs.
    Communication tray inside dimensions 8.5"x11" 8.5"x11" 8.5"x11" 8.5"x11" 8.5"x11"
    Tray max. working load 10 lbs. 10 lbs. 10 lbs. 10 lbs. 10 lbs.


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