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Snappy Full Support Trike

    Snappy Full Support Trike

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    Snappy Full Support Trike

    SKU# E01811snappySeat

    Designed for children 18 months - 4 years old, the AmTryke Snappy Adaptive Tricycle provides therapeutic, reciprocal exercise with all the fun of riding. This therapeutic trike grows with your child; you adjust it all with the twist of a knob! Ships in 2-3 weeks.

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    All children love to cycle. And with sporty adaptive tricycles from AmTryke, children with special needs can take advantage of this wonderful tool that is both fun and helpful in promoting gross motor skill development, endurance and strength needed for independent upright mobility.

    The Snappy Adaptive Tricycle is an adaptive tricycle for children approximately 18 monsths to 4 years old with special needs. The target user age for the Toddler AmTryke special needs tricycle is 28" to 36".
    With its two-section frame, the Snapp Adaptive Tricycle seat to pedal distance can be easily adjusted to comfortably fit a child with an inseam of 11" to 16". This is a great feature for the growing toddler and even for use with multiple toddlers with special needs in therapy clinics or schools.

    The Snappy Adaptive Tricycle is one of the most functional and easy-to-use tricycles available. It is powered by foot cranks with a continuous chain mechanism. This dynamic system gives children who have been unable to ride a tricycle due to physical disability or decreased strength a chance to ride independently.
    For the therapist, there's hardly a more fun, motivating activity for improving leg strength, balance, fitness and endurance. Children of virtually any age enjoy cycling on a special needs tricycles. In addition to the great physical benefits, trike riding encourages socialization and the development of friendships. Children with special needs can zoom around right alongside their peers on a tricycle that's as cool and colorful as anything on the sidewalk. And of course, our adaptive tricycles are designed to be flexible and adjustable - growing with your little rider.

    Standard Features include:

    • Spring Centered Steering
    • Full Padded Adjustable Seat
    • Adjustable Padded Head Support
    • Foot Support Levelers
    • Steering Lock Pin, for three graduated steering positions: Straight, 20-Degrees left/right, or free steering
    • Positive Drive Action
    • Low Center of Gravity
    • Loading Brake for easy transfer of rider
    • Safety Helmet
    AmTryke Tricycles are a great way to combine fun and therapy! With the Snappy Adaptive Tricycle, your child can join his siblings and friends in outdoor play! It's a fun way to encourage independence during playtime.  The AmTryke Tricycles are designed to provide minimum support for your child.
    Riding a tricycle is a great way to practice reciprocal motion with the legs. The best part is, kids think it is fun, not work!
    SKU# E01811snappySeat


    Snappy Full Support Trike Specifications

    Age (Approx.) 18 mos. - 4 years
    Rider Leg Length
    (Center of Hip to Bottom of Shoe)
    Rider Arm Length
    (Middle of Shoulder to Center of Digit Crease)
    Rider Weight 150 lbs
    Rider Max. Height 42"
    Tryke Weight 45 lbs.
    Wheel Size 12"
    Frame Height (Without Seat) 11"
    Total Length (With Push Bar Add 24") 36"
    Width 24"

    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    How do I choose if the AmTryke Snappy Special Needs Tricycle is right for me?
    The AmTryke Snappy Special Needs Tricycle is designed to provide a more traditional tricycle for children with special needs. Fixed front wheels, the pedals will always rotate which in turn will teach your child the motion of pedaling as well as building strong leg muscles, as well, as, strength and coordination for a wide range of children with disabilities.
    What is the user cannot sit up on their own and has poor trunk control?
    The AmTryke Snappy Special Needs Tricycle comes standard with the Snappy seat which features a padded bench seat and contoured back/ head support which can be positioned forward/back. There are also an options for lateral supports and an H-Harness on the Snappy Seat. In addition to the Snappy seat we do offer a bucket seat which includes a chest and pelvic strap.
    How do I determine which size AmTryke tricycle to purchase?
    Refer to our Sizing Chart under the Specifications tab.  You will need to focus on the user's inseam length (inside of leg to bottom of heel) and arm length (top of arm to middle of hand). The AmTryke Snappy tricycle fits riders 34" - 40" high with an arm length of 10" - 18" and an inseam of 11" - 16"
    If you are not sure on which size to choose, we recommend completing the Measurement Form and reviewing those measurements against the Sizing Chart. This will also help in selecting a tricycle that will allow for growing room as well.For help with measuring and fitting the user, use our Measurement Form or contact one of our product specialists at 877-664-4565.
    Is the tricycle shipped assmebled or do I have to assemble?
    The AmTryke tricycles are shipped unassembled to you and does require assembly.  The tricycles come with full installation instructions and assembly much like a standard bicycle.


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