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Tricycle Trailer Hitch Combo

    Tricycle Trailer Hitch Combo

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    Tricycle Trailer Hitch Combo

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    Enjoy family cycling trips where children can ride on their own or attached to an adult bicycle with our adaptive pediatric Tricycle Trailer Hitch Combo. Please Call Customer Service for the Best Lead Times at 877-664-4565 ext. 1

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    The Tricycle Trailer Hitch Combo is a complete pediatric adaptive tricycle that children can ride on their own or attached to an adult bicycle. The special needs trike comes with an interchangeable extension bar that connects the tricycle to an adult cycle and enables them to cycle independently as well as joined for family cycling trips.

    The Combo Unit comes with an Option Drive gearing system that features both a fixed and free wheel gearing system. When the child is riding on their own, the gear can be locked into fixed drive mode with a locking plunger. When the tricycle is attached to the adult cycle, the Option Drive allows for the gearing to be converted into a free wheel gear. This keeps the child from having to pedal as the adult pedals. They can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

    The special needs tricycle is available in two models that can be adjusted easily to accommodate a  child's growth in size as well as riding ability. The Terrier is recommended for children ages five to eight years old, with an inseam range of 16.5"-21.5" and capable of supporting up to 100 lbs. The TMX is recommended for larger heavier children ages eight years and older, with an inseam range of 20"-25" and capable of supporting up to 130 lbs.

    All of the accessories can be used on the individual tricycle and work when the tricycle is in the hitch form.  The hitch is attached at the frame folding mechanism. The Frame Folding Mechanism, Option Drive, and extra handlebars (conventional or loop) are included in the Hitch Combo tricycle. Use our Specifications Tab and determine which model will fit your child for hours of mobile fun.

    Tricycle Trailer Hitch Combo Features:

    • Durable, rugged frame available in 2 color choices.
    • Caliper brake with a parking brake mechanism.
    • Fixed drive gear, dual-axle system for smooth riding and reduced pedal resistance.
    • Traditional handle bars.
    SKU# TricycleTrailerHitchCombo


    Tricycle Trailer Hitch Combo Specifications:

      Terrier TMX
    Target User Age 5-8 yrs. 8-12 yrs.
    Maximum User Weight 100 lbs. (45 kg) 130 lbs. (59 kg)
    Inseam Measurement
    (Inside Leg / Min-Max)
    16.5” - 21.5” (42-54.5 cm) 20" - 25" (51-64 cm)
    Seat To Handle Bars (Min-Max) 14" - 17" 19" - 22"
    Overall Length 45” 59”
    Overall Width 29” 29”
    Wheels 16" 20"
    Folding Frame Option Standard

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