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Freedom Concepts Adventurer Series Tricycle

    Freedom Concepts Adventurer Series Tricycle

    Freedom Concepts Adventurer Series Tricycle

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    Now older riders can cruise in style and stability with the feature-packed Adventurer Series Tricycle from Freedom Concepts. 


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    Now older riders can cruise in style and stability with the feature-packed Adventurer Series Tricycle from Freedom Concepts.

    The Adventurer AS 2000 brings cycling to life for everyone, especially those that require some stability in their ride, thanks to its 35" rear stance. It has many of the same great features as the smaller Discovery series of tricycles and is designed to fit riders 14 years old and up to adults.

    Its walk-through design and step-on platform make it easy to get on the Adventurer and get going while adjustable handlebars, seats and crank mechanisms help allow for quick adjustment among multiple users. The direct-drive pedaling system means riders can pedal backward to build momentemum for moving forward.

    Stopping power is provided by two rear brakes with controls that can be mounted on the handlebars. For added safety or if riders are unable to operate the brake levers, one of the brakes may be positioned on the discreet Rear Steer Assistance Handle.

    In addition to the standard AS 2000 model, the Adventurer Series also comes in a narrower version with a 31" rear width for navigating doorways in schools or therapy centers and a heavy duty version with a longer length and higher weight capacity.

    The Adventurer Series is great for those with simple balance problems and individuals with more involved cases of Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism and other disabilities. These tricycles build strength, endurance, range of motion and coordination all while being fun and engaging.

    Freedom Concepts Adventurer Series Tricycle Features:

    • Stable, three-wheel design.
    • Optional Rear-steering system.
    • Adjustable crank and sprocket.
    • Independently adjustable handlebars and telescopic posts.
    • Optional pedals with velcro straps to secure feet.
    • Seat comes in low back or high back styles.

    Standard Features:

    • 5" Bottom Bracket Position.
    • 5" Crank arm.
    • 12" Handlebar height.
    • Average Pedal Power.
    • 20" Aluminum wheels and 20" Smooth Solid Tires.
    • Chrome Fork.
    • Parking Brake (Right Rear Wheel).
    • Vee front brakes and Disc rear brakes.
    • Heavy duty steel chain guard.
    • Adult Seat base (16.75"W x 14"D).
    • Self-centering spring, locking hand brake, safety flag, wheel reflectors and bell.
    • Multitool set with pouch.
    SKU# AdventureSeriesTrike


    Freedom Concepts Adventure Series Tricycle Specifications:

    Sizing AS 2000 AS 200 Narrow AS 2000 Heavy Duty
    Rider Age 14 years and older 14 years and older 14 years and older
    Rider Inseam 23" to 32" 23" to 32" 23" to 32"
    Max Load 225 lbs. 225 lbs. 350 lbs.
    Bike Weight 65 lbs. 65 lbs. 68 lbs.
    Wheel Size 20" 20" 20"
    Frame Height
    (without seat)
    29" 29" 29"
    Total Length* 62" 62" 67"
    Bike Width 35" 31" 35"

    *Rear Steering option adds 12" to total length of bike


    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Will I be able to utilize this mobility device with my disability?

    Yes! In most instances where there is some form of movement in the legs with the proper combination of traditional physical therapy and our mobility device, most people can propel the devices on their own.
    How old do I have to be?
    Although size is more of an important guideline than age, the Adventurer Series is designed for individuals 14 years old and older. The Discovery Series is appropriate for children 4-8 years old.
    How long does it take to get?
    On average, the Adventurer Series tricycles take 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the time of year. Delivery time also depends on in stock items, so please call us at 1-877-664-4565 for more information.
    What size of Mobility device is good for me? 
    We definitely need your total height, weight, and inseam length at a minimum. We always recommend that you also fill out our Evaluation Form.
    Does any one ever get funding? Are these devices covered by insurance?
    Yes. However, it is not without some work on your behalf. Here's how some have been successful:
    1. Get your orthopedic surgeon to write up an order.
    2. Have your Physical or Occupational Therapist fill out the evaluation sheet and possibly write up a medical justification letter.
    3. Do a personal letter stating why you need the device.
    4. Have your General Practitioner or Pediatrician make up a letter of need.
    5. Send along a copy of our device.
    6. The old saying "Squeaky wheel gets the grease" definitely applies here. We can help you with samples of these types of letters and forms that past customers have shared with us. 

    If all that work fails don't give up - we have a number of financial options available to you, as well as there are many social groups in your area that are always willing to help individuals and families like yourselves. For example, Elks, Lions, Kinsmen, Shriners, and associations such as Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, CNIB etc. You can find a full list of Funding Resources here.