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EasyStand Evolv Stander

    EasyStand Evolv Stander

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    EasyStand Evolv Stander

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    Improve circulation and lower extremity strength with daily standing therapy provided by the comfortable, sit-to-stand EasyStand Evolv Stander.


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    Clinical and consumer feedback led us to design a stander with a focus on positioning, modularity and growth.The EasyStand Evolv is available in three sizes and options for both active and involved individuals.

    • Evolv Medium Stander: Fits individuals from 4' to 5'-6" and up to 200 lbs.
    • Evolv Large Stander: Fits individuals from 5' to 6’-2” and up to 280 lbs.
    • Evolv XT Stander: Fits individuals from 6' to 6'-10" and up to 350 lbs.

    A Stander Designed for: Precise Positioning
    The optimal standing position has been perfected in the EasyStand Evolv standing frame. By strategically placing the pivot points of the stander to mimic the body’s natural pivot points, options like the hip supports, lateral supports, and head support remain in place from sitting to standing, minimizing shear. When positioned correctly, the contoured seat provides a maximum over-center stretch for various body types.The Evolv also accommodates for hip and knee contractures through proper positioning of the footplates and independent kneepad option.

    A Stander Designed for: Modularity & Growth
    The EasyStand Evolv is the most modular stander to date; allowing over 50 options and configurations such as the Mobile or the Shadow Tray to be added at any time. The Evolv standing frame is highly adjustable for multi-user settings or to accommodate growing teens.  When a child grows out of the Evolv Medium Stander, a Growth Kit can be purchased to convert it into an Evolv Large Stander.

    A Stander Designed for: Accessibility & Independence

    The Evolv has an open base that allows for easier independent transfers. A larger Transfer Seat or Rotating Seat can also be added. To make standing pivot or lift assist transfers easier, an optional Swing Away Front or Removable Back can be added to gain more access to the seat. The user can independently achieve the standing position with the manual hydraulic actuator or optional push-button Pow’r Up Lift.

    A Stander Designed for: Safety & Convenience
    The Evolv standing frame provides a safe and supportive transition to standing. It allows the user to stand in three easy steps - adjust, transfer, and pump up. Both caregivers and users are more comfortable with the Evolv because of the safe and easy lateral transfer and supportive transition to standing.  Don’t just take our word for it – see what others have to say about the versatility and convenience of the Evolv.

    A Stander Designed for: Increasing Standing Compliance
    There are a number of excellent research studies documenting the benefits of passive standing programs for an individual's long-term health. The EasyStand Evolv stander allows the user to move in and out of standing without having to be lifted or transferred.  This makes it easier to be compliant with a standing program by standing in small bursts and yet still stand for the 120 minutes needed to affect bone density and maximize other health benefits.

    The Standard EasyStand Evolv is a sit to stand stander that includes:

    • Two 5” Rear Locking Casters
    • Two 5” Front Wheels
    • Manual Hydraulic Actuator with Handle
    • Planar Seat
    • Flip-up Kneepad
    • Multi-Adjustable Foot Plates
    • Black Molded Tray with Chest Pad
    • Transfer Handles
    • Black Upholstery
    • Back is not included


    The Shadow Tray configuration for the  EasyStand Evolv stander features a supportive tray with chest pad that follows the user from sitting to standing. Since the EasyStand Evolv Stander is modular, the Shadow Tray can be added at anytime.

    Provides Anterior Support
    Appropriate for people with mild to severe levels of disability, the Shadow Tray provides anterior support that cannot be found in any other stander. This breakthrough method of standing therapy provides the user with support that remains with them as they move from sitting to standing. This support can be especially useful for a person who has a recent spinal cord injury or contractures that prevent them from going to a full standing position. A tray and large contoured chest pad provide them with more support and security.

    Enhanced Tray Accessibility
    Similar to the tray on the EasyStand Magician standing frame and the EasyStand 5000 Youth stander, the Shadow Tray is accessible in the seated position. As the user pumps up to a standing position, the tray “shadows” and moves with them, providing tray access in all positions from sitting to standing. People who can only stand partially upright have complete access to the tray, while remaining fully supported.

    Evolv Shadow Tray is a Great Choice for Schools
    The ability to use the Evolv Shadow Tray as both a stander and a desk make it a perfect choice for use in a school setting. It is exceptionally easy to change positions in the stander: from sitting, to standing, or anywhere in between without transferring the child out of the stander. If the child is able, they can even do it independently.

    Increasing Standing Compliance
    There are a number of excellent research studies documenting the benefits of passive standing programs for an individual's long-term health. With the Shadow Tray, users can easily change positions without having to transfer back into their wheelchair. This makes it easier to stand in small bursts and yet still stand for the 120 minutes needed to affect bone density and maximize other health benefits.


    For those who desire to move around the house and focus on function while standing, we have created the Mobile configuration for the EasyStand Evolv standing frame. Since the EasyStand Evolv is a modular stander, the Mobile configuration can be added at anytime, allowing your passive standing frame to evolve into a self-propelled mobile stander.

    Designed for Easy Transferring & Operating
    Most people who can propel a manual wheelchair can operate the Evolv with the self-propelled mobility option. To maximize transfer room, the push rims move forward when the kneepad is flipped up (a feature that is unique to the Evolv Mobile stander).  The drive wheels (with high efficiency chain drive) and push rim mechanisms are closer to the user, improving propulsion and steering while standing. Wheel locks secure the mobile stander while transferring and provide safe stationary standing.

    Benefits of Mobile/Dynamic Standing
    Standing mobility provides more independence and opportunity, especially for youth, because it allows them to explore their environment and have more interaction with peers. Dynamic standers can also maximize function, from performing activities like doing dishes to “wheeling” up the aisle to get married. There are numerous research studies that suggest enhanced benefits when using a mobile/dynamic standing frame, due to the self-propelling of the stander.
    SKU# 07-35MS20031


    Use this Dimensions Chart to help you make the right choice for your child.

    How to Measure for the EasyStand Evolv Stander:
    A: Measure the distance between the back of the buttocks and the back of the knee.

    B: Measure the distance between the foot/shoe and the knee bend.


    Large Evolv XT
    Height Range 48”-66” 60"-74” 72”-82”
    Weight Capacity 200 lbs 280 lbs. 350 lbs.
    Seat Depth Range (from seat pivot) - A 14”-19” 16"-21" 19"-24"
    Seat Height 21.5” 21.5" 23.5"
    Seat to Foot Plate Range - B 11"-18" 14"-21" 17"-23"
    Table/Chest Pad 0"-10.5" 0"-10.5" 1"-11"
    Table Height Range (from seat pivot) 15.5"-30.5" 15.5"-30.5" 14.5"-31.5"
    Kneepad Depth Range (from front of seat) 3.5”-5.75” 3.5”-5.75” 4.75”-7”
    Knee Width (center to center) 9” 9” 9”
    Seat Dimensions 16"W x 17.5"L 19"W x 21.5"L 19"W x 21.5"L
    Standard Upholstery Color Black Black Black
    Frame Color Charcoal Charcoal Charcoal
    Seat, Knee, Back, Headrest Nylon Neoprene Nylon Neoprene Nylon Neoprene
    Standard Desk Table Size 21” x 24” 21” x 24” 21” x 24”
    Hip Supports - Medium 9"-15" 10"-15" 10"-15"
    Hip Supports - Large 11"-17" 12"-17" 12"-17"
    Chest Strap - Small (fits users chest measuring) 30"-46" 30"-46" 30"-46"
    Chest Strap - Large (fits users chest measuring) 34"-54" 34"-54" 34"-54"
    X-Style Chest Vest - Medium 11”L x 9.5”W 11”L x 9.5”W 11”L x 9.5”W
    X-Style Chest Vest - Large 12.5”L x 10” W 12.5”L x 10” W 12.5”L x 10” W
    Y-Style Chest Vest - Medium 11”L x 9.5”W 11”L x 9.5”W 11”L x 9.5”W
    Y-Style Chest Vest-Large 12.5”L x 10” W 12.5”L x 10” W 12.5”L x 10” W
    Standard Footprint 26.5” x 33.5” 26.5” x 33.5” 29.5” x 37.5”
    Weight of Basic Unit 101 lbs. 104 lbs. 112 lbs.

    Additional Information

    Need assistance with determining what size stander will best? Send us your measurement.

    Where can I find information on the Evolv E3?
    The Evolv E3 Brochure can be found at the download listed above.

    What options are available that make transferring into the Evolv easier?
    The Swing Away Front option provides full access to the seat, allowing additional room for transferring; with the Rotating Seat option the seat surface turns to accommodate people who require an assistive transfer.

    When I am in the standing position the slightest touch to the pump handle starts to lower me, how can I fix this?
    Make sure that the bolts attaching the pump handle to the pump shaft are tightened securely.  If your unit was purchased before Dec. 2008, please contact customer service, as it may have the old style handle that needs to be replaced.

    What kind of back comes on the EasyStand Evolv Stander?
    There is no back standard on the EasyStand Evolv. You must choose a back option from the order form.

    Can I get a powered lift instead of a manual hydraulic lift?
    Yes, the Evolv is available with the optional Pow'r Up Lift that brings the user to the standing position with the touch of a button.

    Do casters come standard with the EasyStand Evolv?
    Yes. Two 5" locking casters & two 5" wheels come standard on the Evolv.

    What is the warranty on the Pow'r Up option for the EasyStand Evolv?
    Warranty on Pow'r Up Lift option components is as follows: Actuator & Hand Pendant –2 year warranty, Control Box & Battery – 90 days, Battery Charger – 90 days.

    Can I turn an Evolv with Mobile Option into a basic Evolv stander?
    Yes, most of the Evolv options can either be added to the unit or removed from the unit at any time.  There are exceptions on the Glider and Evolv XT units.

    Can I adjust the height of the Evolv Seat?
    No, the height of the seat on the Evolv Medium and Large is fixed at 21" from floor to seat.  Height adjustments can be made to the foot plate and tray to achieve the proper fit.

    Why doesn't the standard unit include a back or straps?
    Many people who stand have good balance and do not require additional support options.  A variety of Evolv options are available for those who need them, and can be added to the unit at any time.

    Do you offer a one arm drive for the Mobile Option?
    No, our Mobile Option is propelled like a manual wheelchair and using both arms is required to correctly steer the unit.

    What is the difference between the Shadow Tray and the Extra Deep Shadow Tray?
    The Shadow Tray Extra Deep does not have a larger tray, it has a deeper depth adjustment for people who carry more weight around the mid-section.  The Shadow Tray depth adjustment range from chest pad to the back is 6"-14" and the extra deep adjustment range is 10"-18".

    Can I order both the Mobile Option and the Shadow Tray on my Evolv?
    No, the Shadow Tray and Mobile Option cannot be used together.  The Mobile Option requires a smaller tray specifically designed to fit between the push rims.

    What is the difference between the Evolv and the Evolv E3?
    The Evolv E3 comes with less options on the base unit (doesn't include tray or multi-adjustable foot plates) resulting in a lower base price, and was designed for cost plus funding sources. 

    Can I mount an aftermarket head support to the back of an Evolv?
    Our Accessories Mounting Bracket, allows you to drill holes as needed to mount any brand of head support.

    What is the difference between a sit to stand standing frame like the Evolv, and a standing wheelchair?
    There are 3 main differences between a standing frame and a standing wheelchair.

    1. Price - Standing frames range from $2000-$6000, standing wheelchairs can be $20,000 or more.
    2. Function - Standing frames can provide more features since they focus on being a standing device only, but a standing wheelchair may be useful in a highly functional setting, such as the workplace to move from sitting to standing and around the office quickly.
    3. Upright versus Supine Positioning - Typically the ultimate goal of a standing frame is a vertical upright position, where the standing wheelchair position is a slightly supine position.

    Why can't the Swing Away Front be ordered with the Front Swivel Casters or the Mobile Option?
    The frame design of the Swing Away Front does not coordinate with these options.

    How do I adjust the back angle on the Evolv?
    On the back of the stander there is a large knob or wheel that you turn to adjust the back angle.  Check the dial near your hip with degree measurements and make sure that it is showing green before you proceed to standing. This is also explained in the Evolv Owner's Manual or the Evolv Fit Guide.

    What components are different on the Evolv Medium vs. the Evolv Large?
    The seat, hip bracket, back adjustment mechanism and the footplates are a different size on the Medium than they are on the Large.

    I am 6'-7" tall, do you make an EasyStand for me?
    Yes, our new product the EasyStand Evolv XT is for individuals up to 350lbs and up to 6'10" tall. It comes with all the same support options available as the Evolv Large.

    Do you make a stander for someone over 280 lbs?
    Yes, the EasyStand Evolv XT is for individuals up to 350lbs and up to 6'10" tall. It comes with all the most of the same standing options available as the Evolv (except for the Glider).

    How do I know that I will be able to use the Mobile Option?
    If you can push a manual chair, you should be able to push the EasyStand Mobile Option. The mobile stand will not push as easily as a wheelchair.

    Can the Evolv No-Tray Chest Pad option be used without the Mobile Option?
    Yes. The Evolv no-tray chest pad option can be used with or without the Mobile Option and allows closer access to cabinets and other hard to reach areas.

    What is the EasyStand No-Tray Chest Pad Option?
    The No-Tray Chest Pad Option can replace the standard table on many EasyStand products. Most people use it together with the Mobile Option to allow closer access to cabinets and other hard to reach areas. A table is still included with the unit.

    How long will the Linak battery on the optional Pow'r Up Lift last?

    • Maximum battery life will be achieved if the charger is left plugged in all the time (float charge condition)
    • Battery should have a life of 3 years and retain 80% of its charge capacity when in float charge condition
    • Low battery alarm is set at 18 volts.
    • Battery should charge for 10 hours before 1st usage
    • If battery is discharged 100% between chargings, battery life is expected to be less than 200 charge cycles
    • If battery is discharged 50% between chargings, battery life is expected to be approximately 350 charge cycles while still retaining 80% of its charge capacity
    • If battery is discharged 30% between charges, battery life is expected to be approximately 1100 charge cycles while retaining 80% of its charge capacity

    So you can see that the less the battery is drawn down between charging, the longer it will last.

    How can I make the push rims for my mobile option easier to grip?
    The Evolv Mobile Option has easy to grip handles. If you need more grip on your push rims you may what to purchase a set of leather steering wheel grips that are used on car steering wheels, or you can try wrapping the push rims in racket ball or tennis racket tape.

    Can a person transfer into the EasyStand Evolv with a Hoyer-type Lift?
    Yes, the EasyStand Evolv works well with various types of patient lifts, including a Hoyer-type lift. The open frame allows a lift to be positioned under the back legs of the frame. A Swing-Away Front option is available that provides full access to the seat for assisted transfers.

    How is the EasyStand Evolv different from the EasyStand 5000?
    It is different in many ways, read the "Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to an Evolv". First of all, it is more modular than the 5000, allowing options such as the Glider option to be added at anytime, instead of purchasing a different piece of equipment. The Evolv also has an open base instead of a square base, giving more access for patient lifts and transfers. Another key difference is in the lifting design. Precise user positioning was achieved by relocating pivot points of the stander to mimic the body's natural hip and knee pivot points, minimizing shear and maximizing function. There are many other great design changes, these are just a few of the key improvements. (the EasyStand 5000 is now discontinued)

    What is the difference between the Transfer Seat and the Rotating Seat?
    The Transfer Seat provides a larger surface for lateral transfers and it may replace the need for a transfer board. The Rotating Seat is embedded in the seat to reduce shear while swinging the user's legs into place. It rotates 90 degrees to the left or right and locks into place.