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Kaye Scoot-About

    Kaye Scoot-About

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    Kaye Scoot-About

    SKU# E02131
    The KAYE Scoot-About, a swivel wheeled scooter, is useful for both children and adults. The adjustable seat height makes it possible for children and adults to sit on the seat and propel themselves with their feet.

  • A mobile sitting and exercise device in one
  • Exercises legs and arms to build strength and coordination
  • Weight capacity: 160 lbs.



    This Kaye Scoot-About is very useful following orthopedic surgery or neurosurgery when strengthening is necessary to develop better ambulation. We have found scooting on the KAYE Scoot-About to be a wonderful way to develop strength in the hamstrings following dorsal rhizotomy or hamstring lengthenings. Since the seat is adjustable in height, the child can be positioned with the appropriate amount of hip and knee flexion for movement. In addition, this scooter makes a comfortable, stable therapy stool when a parent or therapist is assisting ambulation.

    • Designed as a mobile sitting and exercise device.
    • Allows the users to exercise their legs by pushing or pulling with their legs in order to propel themselves.
    • Can also be used as a mobile therapy stool.
    • Padded seat: 16.5"W x 12.5"D.
    • Adjustable seat height: 8.5" to 16.5."
    • Handgrips are 5" above seat.
    • 5" Swivel Casters.
    • Overall Width: 24."
    • Weight Capacity 160 lbs

    The new, adjustable, removable Back Support for the Kaye Scoot-About provides support at the pelvis for children when seated on the Scoot-About. The back and side supports adjust in height and width to give optimal vertical alignment for the pelvis and trunk. Adding this accessory assures that when a child is seated on the Scoot-About, that the seat depth supports the entire thigh on the seat surface. The adjustable height of the posterior support maintains the pelvis in a vertical position and the adjustable lateral supports minimize asymmetry of the trunk as a child scoots around on the Scoot-About. This accessory makes the Scoot-About a useful mobile seat for children as they practice propelling themselves with their feet. This accessory is removable so that the Scoot-About can still be used by parents and therapists. Attaches to any Kaye Scoot-About.

    SKU# E02131


    Kaye Scoot-About Specifications

    Model 02-27KPSB1
    Padded Seat 16.5" x 12-1/2"
    Seat height Adjustable 8.5" - 16.5"
    Adjustable seat depth 5" - 12"
    Back dimensions 9"w x 5"h
    Side cushions 4" x 4"
    Width between side supports 5" - 11"
    Overall width 24"
    Handgrips 5" above the seat
    Casters Four, 5" caster wheels move easily on firm surfaces
    Weight capacity Up to 160 lbs.

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