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Quiet Punch Home Punching Bag

    Quiet Punch Home Punching Bag


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    Quiet Punch Home Punching Bag

    SKU# E16422

    The Quiet Punch Home Punching Bag provides kids and adult who crave heavy work to sooth their sensory systems. Easy to set up and store, this unique system mounts within a standard size door frame for whenever the user needs a place to push, punch, or work out muscles and joints. Currently unavailable.

  • Perfect for a temporary setup that will not mark a door
  • Height adjustable
  • Fun and healthy way to keep children engaged

  • Description


    The Quiet Punch Home Punching Bag is more than just a portable workout system for adults. When installed in a doorway at the right height for kids, it creates a safe and effective place for children with sensory processing issues to engage in the heavy work activities their joints and muscles need to feel centered. By allowing children to push against, pull on, or punch the padded square punching bad, these children get the proprioceptive feedback their bodies crave, allowing them to feel full body awareness and self-regulate..

    The Quiet Punch includes a square punching bag, 2 lightweight bars that anchor the whole assembly to a doorway, resistance bands that hold it in place, 2 lightweight bars perfect for travel, and quick setup. Included with the bundle is a special phone clip designed to attach to the Quiet Punch unit so that you can use your phone to watch all of the workout videos easily. Use the clip as well to watch our sessions via our iPhone and Android apps.

    To set it up, first install the bars and rotate its knobs clockwise to activate its spring-like movement. Secondly, the discs must be place onto the doorway that way the bars can stay firm onto them. Afterwards, one must hook the Quiet Punch onto the hooks attached, and place the remaining bar underneath. It has been designed to fit 28" - 36" doorways, perfect for a temporary setup that doesn't mark the door, and is built to withstand forceful pushing and punching.

    SKU# E16422


    Quiet Punch Specifications

    • Includes 2 lightweight supsension rods
    • Features  a clip for security of a phone 
    • Includes 4 non-slip discs
    • Fits 28"-36" Doorways
    • Quick and simple setup 
    • Weight: 4lbs
    • Space Saver
    • Quality Cratsmanship
    • Portable



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