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    Whether you are young or mature, large or small, once inside BodySox, you will find yourself in a private domain which begs for physical and spatial exploration.



    Experience your body in a new way…. increase body awareness, strength, and creativity. As you move, your shapes become three dimensional, amorphous, and art-like, not only appealing to you, but to those watching.

    Expand your imagination within the BodySox's protective walls, dancing images of rolling rocks, hatching eggs, moving puzzle pieces, or birds of flight.

    BodySox can also improve the relationship between child and adult as they co-create together inside an extra large or tall size. A child can also be inside a BodySox with their head outside. BodySox™ creates an experience of "I can see you, but you can't see me" which increases the sense of personal safety, loosens inhibitions, and stimulates a spirit of play.

    BodySox provides comfortable pressure to those with special needs, especially autistic children

    BodySox™ has a Velcro® opening and comes in six sizes. No Color Choice

    SKU# 04-21DMBS0


    BodySox Specifications:

    Size Recommended Ages Measurements Height of Child
    X-Small 2-3 years  30"L x 26"W  Under 39"
    Small 3-5 years 40"L x 27"W 40" to 46"
    Medium 6-8 years 47"L x 27"W 47" to 56"
    Large 9-12 years 56"L x 28"W 56" to 65"
    X-Large 12 years to Adult 66"L x 28"W 66" to 73"
    Tall 5'8" and taller  72"L x 29"W  Over 68"

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    I have a severe SPD and it has been very challenging to deal with daily. Since purchasing BodySox it has helped me integrate my Vestibular and Tactile Senses. Being sensitive touch Is very overwhelming and fearful of ordinary daily activities. Since purchasing the BodySox, I find it helps greatly and calms my SPD, it also helps my Gross Motor Development. Thanks again. Review by Stephen / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    My 3 year old daughter has sensory processing disorder, so I bought her a "body sock" to help her integrate her vestibular and tactile senses through a proprioceptive device such as the body sock. She absolutely LOVES this thing. She really enjoys inching on the floor like a caterpillar, and then standing up after she has become a butterfly and flaps her wings. The feedback she recieves from moving around the house in this sock has helped her make great strides in her gross motor development in a very short period of time. Review by Carol / (Posted on 8/26/2013)