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Bubble Tube Security Bracket

    Bubble Tube Security Bracket

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    Bubble Tube Security Bracket

    SKU# E17253
    Keep your Bubble Tube affixed safely to a wall with this Bubble Tube Security Bracket. Can be used with any 6" diameter Water Bubble Tube and fastens easily to any wall with the provided standard anchors.

  • Constructed of durable acrylic
  • Keeps your Bubble Tube in constant view
  • Provides extra stability

  • Description


    Teachers and therapists encourage users to feel the vibration of the bubbles coursing through the tubes. This Security Bracket makes it safe for any person to get the gentle tactile effects the Bubble Tubes offer. Use with any 6" diameter Water Bubble Tube. It fastens easily to any wall with included standard anchors and the length from the wall to the bubble tube is adjustable from 16" to 23.5"! The clear durable acrylic material allows the light from the tube to shine on the ceiling!


    • 1 each Security Bracket(2 pieces)
    • 2 each Wall Anchors
    • 2 each 1/4” Bolts
    • 2 each Washers
    • 2 each Star Washers
    • 2 each Wing Nuts


    • Drill
    • ¼” Drill Bit


    The security bracket comes in two pieces. The first piece with the round disc will slide over and into the bubble tube. The second piece is a bracket with a lip that will be secured to the wall. Take the wing nuts off of the piece that slides over the tube, attach the wall bracket and replace the wing nuts, keeping them loose enough to slide the bracket back and forth. Once you have the bubble tube in position, slide the assembled bracket over the tube, stopping just beneath the top of the tube. Slide the wall bracket out until it touches the wall, marking where the anchors will need to be placed to keep bracket secure. Drill holes, set anchors and secure bracket to the wall. Tighten wing nuts.

    SKU# E17253


    Bubble Tube Security Bracket Specifications

    • Includes standard anchors        
    • Can be used with any 6" diameter Water Bubble Tube
    • Adjustable from 16" to 23.5" in length from the wall to the bubble tube



    Additional Information


    All of the following wear points should be checked on a monthly basis and recorded on the maintenance checklist enclosed.

    • Check bolts and wing nuts to make certain they are tightened. If loose, tighten.
    • Check bracket for any cracks. If cracked, stop use and replace immediately.