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Budget Hurricane Tube

    Budget Hurricane Tube

    Budget Hurricane Tube

    SKU# T17873
    Add a budget-friendly Budget Hurricane Tube to any room for captivating visual stimulation. This lightweight Hurricane Tube utilizes air to shoot small Styrofoam balls upwards along with LED color changing lighting to ease anxiousness. OVERSIZED ITEM OVERSIZED ITEM

  • Perfect size for any classroom, clinic, or bedroom
  • Affordable, maintenance-free bubble tube uses styrofoam beads for calming effects of water
  • Features LED color changing lighting for focus and attention

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    The Budget Hurricane Tube provides many of the benefits of bubble tubes but without all the maintenance and at a more affordable price. There's no water to change or tubes to clean! Instead, the Budget Hurricane Tube features a unique design that funnels specially-coated Styrofoam beads up through an inner tube using a fan to simulate the calming effects of bubbling water. An LED light in the base of the tube smoothly transitions through the colors maintaining focus and attention. This Budget Hurricane Tube also has a jack for a 1/4" Switch which will stop and re-start the fan, allowing you to create an interactive experience for the user (Switch sold separately).

    The Budget Hurricane Tube is an effective and affordable solution for those looking to build a sensory space on a tight budget. Standing at a little over 4 feet on a space-saving base, it fits comfortable into any sensory room, bedroom, or clinical space.

    SKU# T17873


    Budget Hurricane Tube Specifications

    • Includes specially coated styrofoam beads
    • LED color changing lighting
    • Features a jack for a 1/4" Switch for stop and re-start fan (Switch sold separately)
    • Base: 8" x 11" x 4"
    • Tube: 48"H x 4" dia.
    • Wt: 7.25 lb.

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