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Calming LED Glow Panel

    Calming LED Glow Panel


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    Calming LED Glow Panel

    SKU# T17213
    Take a break and relax in the soothing light of the Calming LED Glow Panel from eSpecial Needs. Featuring a soothing cycle of colors and a surface that's cool to the touch, it's a comforting visual focal point for sensory rooms and bedrooms alike. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

  • Solid plywood and acrylic construction
  • Creates a soothing space for calming and self-regulation
  • Easy to install

  • Description


    Introducing the Calming LED Glow Panel from eSpecial Needs. Designed to be a relaxing visual focal point for sensory areas, the Calming LED Glow Panel helps children and adults de-stress and self-regulate after a tough day or blast of over-stimulation thanks to its soothing cycle of colors.

    The Calming Glow Box is thirty inches square with a depth of six and a half inches. The exterior is made of birch wood which has been rounded at the edges and corners for safety. Inside, the Calming Glow Box is lined with color-cycling LEDs which provide cool, soothing light that won’t heat up the frosted acrylic window, leaving it safe for little hands to touch.

    The Calming Glow Box would be a great addition to any existing sensory area or chill-out space. For those building out a similar area, combining the glow box with soothing music, a white noise or sound machine, an aromatherapy diffuser, and some comfy bean bags can really help you create a space where stress and anxiety melt away.

    SKU# T17213


    Calming LED Glow Panel Specifications

    • Board dimensions: 30” H x 30” W x 5” D
    • Board weight: 20lbs
    • Plywood construction

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