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Emily's Magic Sensory Bag

    Emily's Magic Sensory Bag

    Emily's Magic Sensory Bag

    SKU# MagicBag
    Make sensory cravings disappear with help from Emily's Magic Sensory Bag. Featuring quick sensory solutions based on what our own occupational therapist uses in the field, it's a great way to address sensory needs when you're on-the-go.

  • Contains nine sensory tools for sensory breaks
  • A must-have for OTs, classrooms, and families that travel
  • Comes with a carry-all bag

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    When a sensory craving appears, help it disappear with a little help from Emily's Magic Sensory Bag. Based on the bag of tools our own in-house OT uses, Emily's Magic Sensory Bag provides several solutions for on-the-go families and therapists to address sensory needs on outings, during therapist evaluations, or whenever a quick sensory break is needed.

    Emily's Magic Bag contains:

    • a Chew-A-Roo Chewie Straw 3-Pack for oral motor regulation
    • a Sensory Spaghetti to help with calming or attention
    • a set of Noiseless Headphones for help blocking out noises, when sounds gets overwhelming
    • a Body Sox for providing calming/organizing deep pressure input
    • a Marble Maze that assists with developing eye-hand coordination & fine motor skills
    • a Vibrating Fiber Optic Light for fine motor skill development and visual engagement
    • a Yellow Water Wiggle for sustained attention & squishy tactile fun
    • a EZ Squeeze DNA Ball for cause and effect activities
    • a Spiral Drop that can be used as timer, transition, and visual tool

    Please note: Emily's Magic Sensory Bag contains no hidden rabbits, birds, endless streams of scarves, or bouquets of flowers.

    SKU# MagicBag


    Emily's Magic Bag Specifications

    Emily's Magic Bag contains:

    • 1- Chew-A-Roo Chewie Straws 3-Pack
    • 1- Sensory Spaghetti
    • 1- Noiseless Headphones
    • 1- Body Sox
    • 1- Marble Maze
    • 1- Vibrating Fiber Optic Lighting
    • 1- Yellow Water Wiggle
    • 1- EZ Squeeze DNA Ball
    • 1- Sprial Drops

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