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Marble Maze Mat

    Marble Maze Mat

    Marble Maze Mat

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    Help increase focus, concentration, and fine motor skills all while keeping fidgety fingers busy as the hidden marble is pushed throughout the Marble Maze Mat. This engaging mat is reversible for continuous, mesmerizing fun! Perfect for tactile input.

  • Great for those with ADHD, autism, or sensory integration disorder
  • Keeps sensory seekers engaged, calm, and focused
  • Promotes hand and finger skill development
  • Available in 3 different patterns with fun on both sides

  • Description


    Marble Maze Mats allow children to engage in a fine motor skill developing activity that also requires focus and concentration, making this a great tool for promoting calm and quiet. Guiding the inner acrylic marble through the colorful double-sided designs also lets kids flex their imagaination and cognitive skills as they play. Plus, the soft polyester fabric encourages little learners to come back for another session of tactile stimulation, finger strength and motor planning.

    Our Marble Maze Mats come in three different types:

    Alphabet and Numbers

    Work on teach letter and number recognition while developing fine motor skills at the same time! Featuring a maze full of numbers on one side and another full of letters on the other, children will guide the inner marble to each one whether they're going in order or having them called out.

    Happy Frogs

    "Hop" from lily pad to lily pad and visit every friend in the pond with this fun Marble Maze Mat. This variation is perfect for teaching children storytelling or idenitifcation skils.

    Outer Space

    Blast off into fine motor skill based adventure as children guide their marble "spaceship" through a maze of outer space surprises. Great for teaching children about the planets of the solor system or engaging in imaginative storytelling activities.

    Each Marble Maze Mat is approximately 17.5" long by 15" wide. The mats are machine washable on Gentle and can be machine dried on the lowest setting. They're also foldable for easy storage. These mats are great for motor-skill practice at home, a quiet activity in the car, or guiding a group of student through a learning activity.

    SKU# MarbleMazeMat


    Marble Maze Mat Specifications

    • Dimensions: 17.5"L x 15.75"W x .1"H
    • Made of polyester fabric
    • High-quality stitching
    • Contains one acrylic marble
    • Printed on both sides for two space adventures
    • Available in 3 different patterns

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