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Pain & Anxiety Management CD Album

    Pain & Anxiety Management CD Album

    Pain & Anxiety Management CD Album

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    Somatron’s Theracoustic Music System is designed for settings and procedures that require deep relaxation, pain relief and stress reduction. Ships in 2-3 weeks.



    Somatron’s Theracoustic Music System is designed for settings and procedures that require deep relaxation, pain relief and stress reduction. Each of the program’s four compositions feature clinically tested harmonic techniques, providing a complete spectrum of effective pain and stress management music.

    For years it has been recognized that relaxation accelerates healing and enhances the immune system, but as the public has grown cautious about the side effects of pharmaceuticals, the medical community is turning increasingly to music as a non-drug stress reduction strategy. Our Theracoustic Music brings this non-drug alternative to you, the pain management professional.

    Anxiolytic is the technical term for music that reduces stress and encourages feelings of well-being. Combining archetypal beauty with modern physioacoustic science, Somatron’s Theracoustic Music creates a safe, comforting sonic environment that calms heart rate, lowers blood pressure, relaxes breathing and reduces pain. Dr. George Patrick, who conducted the NIH study, reported a 53% aggregate reduction in a variety of symptoms among 272 patients after each had experienced a twenty-five minute vibroacoustic session using the composition Balance (Level 1).

    “One of the most important discoveries to emerge from my years of research was that certain kinds of evocative melodies actually interfered with relaxation by stimulating emotionally charged memories that raised rather than lowered stress levels. To counter this tendency, I positioned the melody in the composition so that it wouldn’t interfere with the breathing pattern in the bass line. Here, melody is always subordinate. That’s why the melodic phrases linger, patiently, and seem to drift in and out of the underlying rhythm, where clarity and relaxation occur simultaneously.” David Ison, Composer.

    Working with these ideas, three new compositions were developed for our Pain and Stress Management Program, each one engineered to maximize the vibrotactile effect. Long deep bass tones literally move throughout the Somatron, resonating the patients body and encouraging them to breathe in time with this rising a no falling motion. Each composition provides you with a different aspect of pain and stress management therapy and should be used accordingly.

    These new composition are:

    • Level 1 – Balance - Exquisitely beautiful and claming. Balance is the most widely used breath-based stress reduction composition, and still the healing profession’s defining benchmark for eliciting the Relaxation Response. Used by hospitals, stress reduction clinics and health care facilities around the world. Use this piece in any situation, Balance will consistently relax a person and always relieve their pain, smoothly and easily.
    • Level 2 - Serenity – A composition that will allow the listener to settle into the relaxation experience, without moving them too deeply, too quickly. Level 2 makes use of the subconscious resonances associated with the water archetype, enhancing the peaceful bass line with a gently cresting mid-range pulse. Subtly ephemeral guitar is carefully woven around the breath pattern that forms Level 2’s center of gravity, encouraging the listener to breathe deeply and relax and let go of the tensions that prolong chronic pain.
    • Level 3 - Tranquility – This composition brings forward the Relaxation Response at its deepest level. The harmonic chord progression produces a sensation of will-being that is firmly grounded in the listener’s breathing pattern. As the piece progresses, the listener begins to regulate their breath and experiences a significant degree of deep relaxation along with a substantial reduction in their levels of pain.
    • Level 4 - Harmony – While equally relaxing, this composition takes a different approach. Layered over the resonant breath pattern in the bass line is a light and sparkling texture which suggests flight, easy gliding, effortless soaring among clouds, all in an atmosphere of subdued ecstasy. This piece should bring a high degree of pain reduction even to your most difficult of cases.

    “This was the first composition to emerge after recovering from my accident. I wanted to compose something that not only expressed but actually evoked the profoundly focused yet relaxing breath patterns I had practiced to regain the use of my legs. I embedded those breath patters in the foundation of the composition, in the bass lien, then added carefully modeled chordal structures that float out in soft, peaceful and expansive layers. The idea was to relax the listener and facilitate the union of mind and body by encouraging deep, slow breathing and broadened perception.” David Ison, Composer.

    You can use any one of these compositions to reduce a person’s level of stress and relieve their pain. We suggest that you try each piece personally to familiarize yourself with their therapeutic differences. By doing this, you will be able to select the composition that best suits your clients need.

    Benefits :

    • Pain and Anxiety Management and Evaluation
    • Anxiety Reduction and Assessment
    • Facilitates the Relaxation Response to Reduce:
      • Tension
      • Pain
      • Fatigue
      • Headache
      • Depression
      • Nausea

    Implementation Package
    Instruction Manual
    How to design your program step by step set-up instructions
    Evaluation System
    Pain and Anxiety monitoring methods
    Assessment Forms
    Program evaluation instructions
    SKU# 0111SO4600CD


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