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Calming Sensory Room Bundle

    Calming Sensory Room Bundle

    Calming Sensory Room Bundle

    SKU# T02971

    Take care of all your multi-sensory environment needs in one place with our convenient Calming Sensory Room Bundle kit. OVERSIZED ITEM OVERSIZED ITEM

    • Installation not included

    • Mounting hardware for walls and ceilings not included

    • Requires 7 electrical sockets


    If relaxation, calming and de-escalation is the name of the game then this bundle is the perfect solution.

    Featuring a 60" Calming LED Bubble Tube and soft padded platform, a user can sit close to the tube and watch as the bubbles steadily rise and the colors slowly change. The mirror ball produces spots of light that rotate around the room while the projector shows calming images that slowly rotate, creating a wonderful soothing environment.

    A Fiber Optic Carpet with slowly changing spots of light is a terrific place to lie down and relax while watching the projector images and listening to calming music.

    The Fiber Optic Softie provides a comfortable seat in which an individual can get close to the fiber optic strands and handle them while they slowly change color. These strands have no electricity in them…..only light, so they’re safe to handle and provide a wonderfully tactile experience.

    This bundle was designed for school and other facilities who have individuals that may need to de-escalate and relax, perhaps at key times during the day before they become overwhelmed with their environment and act out.

    All electrical products in the bundle operate on standard 110v power transformed to low voltage.

    This package includes:

    1 x Calming LED Bubble Tube -60"
    1 x Fiber Optic Softie
    1 x Fiber Optic Star Carpet including Calming LED Lightsource
    1 x Projector Bundle including Aurora LED Projector, Wheel Rotator and 3 Effects Wheels (Under the Sea, Firework Bonanza and a blank wheel)
    1 x Square Bubble Tube Platform in white. Large size 48"  W x 48"  L x 16"  H
    1 x Bubble Tube Acrylic Mirror Pair - 48"
    1 x Bubble Tube Bracket
    1 x BCB - Bubble tube additive (to help prevent bacteria and algae growth)
    1 x Bubble Tube Emptying Kit and Foot pump (to facilitate water changes)
    1 x Mirror Ball Bundle, including a 8" mirror ball and a pin spot
    1 x Basic Sound System
    5 x Calming Sounds CDs
    1 x Installation instructions

    SKU# T02971


    Multi-Sensory Calming Room Bundle Specifications

    • 1 each Calming LED Bubble Tube 60"
    • 1 each Square Bubble Tube Platform - Large 48" W x 48" L x 16" H
    • 1 each Mirror ball bundle, including a 10" mirror ball and a pinspot with a 4 color wheel
    • 1 each Basic Sound System
    • 5 each Calming Sounds CDs 
    • 1 each Fiber Optic Star Carpet, including Calming LED Lightsource
    • 1 each LED Calming Fiber Optic Softie, including optic and lightsource (2 colors: cream and navy blue)
    • 1 each BCB - Bubble Tube Additive
    • 1 each Bubble Tube Pump and Hose
    • 1 each Projector Bundle, including Solar 250 Projector, wheel rotator, and 3 effect wheels (Deep, Fireworks and a Blank Wheel)
    • 2 each Bubble Tube Acrylic Mirrors - 36" & 48"
    • 1 each Bubble Tube Bracket
    • Requires installation of all components (not included)
    • Mounting hardware for walls and ceiling not included

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