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TheraTogs Wunzi System

    TheraTogs Wunzi System

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    TheraTogs Wunzi System

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    SKU# E06934TheratogsWunziSystem

    TheraTogs Wunzi System is a new system that is a customized body hug that improves trunk alignment and stabilizes the core for those critical infant growth months. Medium unavailable until June. 



    TheraTogs Wunzi System  is a new system that is a customized body hug that improves trunk alignment and stabilizes the core for those critical infant growth months. The elegant over-the-diaper design can be applied in seconds. Longer closure tabs are attached to the ends of the straps and no loose tabs to keep track of. The Wunzi offers caregivers and clinicians a simpler alternative to the two-garment TheraTogs system.

    The base Wunzi System replaces the Infant Posture & Torso Alignment (PTA) System. It contains the core strengthening Wunzi garment set plus limb cuffs and basic strapping to create most posture & torso alignment. Add the Wunzi Limb Kit to address any of the indications previously supported by TheraTogs Upper or Lower Extremity strapping applications.

    Indications for Use Include:

    • Hypotonia
    • Diplegic or Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy
    • Tortocollis
    • Athetosis
    • Cerebellar Ataxia
    • BPI
    • Developmental Delay
    • Brachial Plexus Injury

    With the TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi you can:

    • Increased sensory awareness – by providing proprioceptive input in a comfortable ‘wearable hug’.
    • Improved postural alignment – through constant queuing of lax trunk muscles and ligaments, training them to operate in shorter, more functional lengths.
    • Gentle control for excessive trunk instability – from the dynamic postural support built into the fabric.
    • Improved respiration and vocalization – gained by reducing flexible kyphosis and improving posture. 
    • Better functional alignment of the hips and shoulders, and stabilized scapulae – by gently positioning the joints and musculoskeletal structure with a customized and adjustable fit.

    Like all TheraTogs systems, the Wunzi is a comfortable, foam-lined, Velcro-sensitive garment and strapping system that grips the skin. The patented composite fabric is elasticized with a stretch bias that favors good postural alignment; just the thing for a growing baby.

    The Wunzi comes with a set of grip-lined elastic straps that operate like external muscles and ligaments to improve functioning body and proximal joint alignment in order to optimize motor development.

    SKU# E06934TheratogsWunziSystem


    TheraTogs Wunzi System Specifications:

    The Wunzi is sized by these parameters: Age (range by month), Torso Length (see figure to the right) (measure from the C-7 (the big bone at the bottom of the neck) over the diaper and up to the child's belly button), and belly girth (measure the infant's belly circumference at the navel). For assistance call customer service at 877-664-4565.

    Wunzi System:

    Torso Length
    Belly Girth
    0-3 mo.
    7-12 lbs.
    3-6 mo.
    12-17 lbs.
    6-12 mo.
    17-18 lbs.
    12-18 mo.
    18-21 lbs.
    Large 18-24 mo.
    21-26 lbs. 26.8" 21.3"

    Wunzi Limb Kit:

    0-12 mo.
    1-18 lbs.
    12-24 mo.
    18-26 lbs.

    TheraTogs products are Class I medical devices registered with the FDA and are designed to be customized by a medical professional for each client’s specific needs and therapeutic goals. The products may only be used under the supervision of a certified clinical professional who provides physical rehabilitation services -- such as (but not limited to) physicians, physiatrists, physical or occupational therapists, or chiropractors.


    Additional Information

    Need your TheraTogs by a specific date?  Contact customer service at 877-664-4565 and we can prepare a quote with expedited shipping to ensure you receive it in the time frame needed.

    TheraTogs warranty applies to products within the United States only.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the warranty on TheraTogs?
    We guarantee that TheraTogs components will keep their shape and documented function for a minimum of six months from first date of use. If any part or component fails these standards, we will replace it free of charge.

    What’s a “Wunzi”?
    The Wunzi is the exciting TheraTogs system for infants, designed to help children from birth to 24 months who need postural support, sensorimotor input, or neuromotor retraining. The Wunzi is easy to dress on the child, and simple for caregivers to use. It’s designed to fit just like the common “onesie” garment that many infants wear. The Wunzi is the only neuromotor retraining system made specifically for infants. All Wunzi garments and components are latex-free, by the way.

    How do I know if a Wunzi may be a suitable option for my child or client?
    Birth to age 3 is the most critical time to address any signs of developmental delay, and a trained therapist or an alert caregiver can recognize signs of delay compared to early baby milestones.

    A Wunzi is appropriate if your child or client is less than 24 months old, and presents one or more of the following:

    • Difficulty holding the body or head symmetrically
    • Inability to hold the head, trunk, or hip position steady
    • Inability to regain balance during normal movements
    • Low muscle tone, sagging or “floppiness” through the trunk
    • Responds favorably to being hugged and held in more age-appropriate postures.

    In what ways can the Wunzi help my child or client?
    These are many of the same benefits that physical therapy sessions are designed to provide – but the Wunzi allows the child to wear his or her improvements all day long, for thousands of repetitions during essential developmental stages. The Wunzi gives extensive, daily “carry-over” from therapy sessions – in the comfort of the baby’s home environment.

    How do I locate a therapist who has experience working with TheraTogs?
    TheraTogs are used by therapists worldwide without formal product training because the systems embody standard rehabilitation principles. In effect, the therapist uses TheraTogs the same way she uses her hands in a rehab session. The Wunzi, in particular, can be used effectively by any qualified rehab clinician who works with children.

    In what sizes is Wunzi available?
    The Wunzi is available in five sizes designed to fit children weighing ~7 to 26 pounds, with an age range from birth through approximately 24 months.

    How do I measure my child or client for a Wunzi?
    The TheraTogs Sizing Chart lists the measurements for each size of Wunzi system. You can get that chart from our Specifications tab, or contact Customer Support and we’ll email you a copy. In addition to age and weight, you’ll need to know the infant’s girth (belly circumference at the naval) and torso length (see the chart for an illustration). It’s best if you include your completed Sizing Chart with your order, if possible.

    Will insurance pay for the Wunzi?
    It depends: TheraTogs systems like the Wunzi can be reimbursable, but there are a number of variables to consider. Medicaid insurance funding varies from state to state, and private insurance funding varies from policy to policy. If your child has insurance funding or medical coverage, we suggest that you contact your coverage advisor, your therapist, or your local orthotist (O&P) to discuss your options.

    I plan to buy the Wunzi myself. How much does a Wunzi cost?
    Because it is made for infants and very small children who stand to benefit the most from early intervention, the Wunzi base system is priced with the caregiver in mind.

    What about providing for growth? If I purchase a second or third Wunzi will I get a discount?  
    We suggest you raise this question with the distributor or provider with whom you’re working.

    After I place my order for a Wunzi how long will it take to receive it?
    We make every effort to ship Wunzi orders as quickly as possible – usually within 7-10 business days of receiving the order.

    Will I receive dressing and use instructions with the Wunzi?
    The base Wunzi system is so simple, no DVD is needed – but there are basic instructions provided in the package. The optional Wunzi Limb Kit (sold separately, see additional options on the right) also includes illustrated diagrams and instructions for more advanced strapping applications.

    Will Wunzi go on over a diaper? Is it meant for daily use?
    The Wunzi is specifically designed to be used over a diaper – in fact, DON’T use the Wunzi without one! The cozy foam surface is gentle on an infant’s skin. The unique composite stretch fabric is meant to be worn as many hours a day as needed, in comfort.

    Is it easy to dress on my child?
    Not to worry: the Wunzi was specifically designed to be easy to use, and it mimics the common “onesie” infant garment you’re probably already familiar with. The Velcro® “tabs” embedded into the foam underside of the garment provide instant closure and easy adjustments for a snug fit – no buttons, no snaps, no zippers. It’s quick and simple, even when dressing a determined “wiggle-worm” of a child.

    Getting the infant dressed is as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Place the baby on the back panel of the garment.
    2. Lay the front piece on the chest.
    3. Close the system with the Velcro tabs.

    If I need to address more than posture and torso alignment, are there additional strapping options available?
    Yes, the separate Wunzi Limb Kit strapping system for lower or upper extremity positioning is also available for purchase. Clinicians can contact Customer Support for more information about the use of the Limb Kit.

    My child/client has a G-tube – can I use a Wunzi with it?
    You certainly can. The Wunzi is made from our patented and exclusive GoldTone™ material, which can be trimmed or perforated without fraying or losing its function. You can even use the Velcro-sensitive garment surface to secure the G-tube in place.

    How do I care for and maintain my Wunzi?
    The Wunzi system is machine washable on the gentle cycle, and must be washed (without detergent) at least weekly. Be careful handling the garments when they are wet; the same properties that make the foam so soft and gentle also make it easy to ‘nick’ or chip the foam when the material is wet. Complete Wunzi care and washing instructions in English are included with your system; care instructions in Spanish are available from our website.

    Can I order extra Wunzi front and/or back pieces so one can be used while the other is being washed?
    The base Wunzi system is so simple and low-cost that there actually aren’t any separate parts available for purchase.

    Does the Wunzi have a warranty?
    Yes, our standard manufacturer’s warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for six months from the first date of use. A printed copy of the warranty policy is included with your order. Warranty issues for TheraTogs are rare, but if an issue arises please contact us directly for warranty support.

    Important: Please note that the Wunzi is designed for use with very young children, and is available in a series of increasing sizes. Growth of the child - and the need for a larger size system - is not considered a warranty issue, even if such need occurs within the six month warranty period of the original system purchase.

    Can I order replacement or additional parts?    
    You certainly can! After purchasing a System, you may replace any of the components as needed without buying another system. Contact us at or by phone at 877-664-4565 for a price quote.