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Snug Hug Cozy Swing

    Snug Hug Cozy Swing

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    Snug Hug Cozy Swing

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    Get cozy and snug in a Snug Hug Cozy Swing! Children will feel cuddled in this soft adaptive swing that encourages coordination, spatial awareness, and sensory integration at home or in a clinic. Currently unavailable.

  • Dimensions: 60" L x 43" W
  • Supports 200 lbs
  • Minimum Ceiling Height for use: 8 ft

  • Description


    Wrap your child up in calming comfort as they swing and play tucked inside one of our new Snug Hug Cozy Swings!  This specially-designed sack-type swing provides a total body pressure experience that soothes as it improves coordination, balance, and sensory motor function.

    The Snug Hug Cozy Swing is made of soft, stretchy Spandex that provides just enough resistance to create a cozy hugging sensation while still being strong and durable enough to last for thousands of hours of swing therapy. The Snug Hug is also machine washable for any unexpected accidents that may occur.

    The Snug Hug Cozy Swing is also incredibly versatile. Whether they wrap themselves up, lay out flat, stand up, or sit cuddled up alone or with an adult, children can find the swinging position that's perfect for them whenever they play. And no matter how they swing, parents can rest assured that their children are getting the vestibular and proprioceptive feedback their bodies crave as they bounce, hang, sail through the air, or simply resting snuggly inside the Snug Hug Cozy Swing.

    Add even more fun to the Snug Hug Cozy Swing by ordering one with a Swing Rotational Device that allows your child to spin as they swing! This strong and durable safety rotational device features a sealed ball bearing that ensures smooth 360-degree rotation for years of swing time joy.

    Minimum Ceiling Height: 8 ft.

    SKU# SnugHugSwing


    Snug Hug Cozy Swing Specifications

    • Dimensions: 60" L x 43" W
    • Supports 200 lbs.
    • Minimum Ceiling Height for use: 8 ft.

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